Age of Conan Regional Profiles - Atzel's Approach - New Video and Screens

Between the settlements of Cimmeria and the prosperous spires of Nemedia's great cities lie the Border Kingdoms where brigands and would-be rulers carve out hordes of territory within a disparate and chaotic land. Gripped by a cruel winter, the mountain passes of this lawless land are choked with ice, while snow-laden winds howl through the canyons, sounding to mortal ears like the cries of a dying god. Nonetheless, there is a prize here -- the main pass into Cimmeria, a relatively safe passage used by everyone from humble traders to merchant-princes. Though control of the pass is constantly fought over, recent days have seen a horrible sort of stability come to the area because the pass is currently under the rule of the bandit-king Atzel and control over that pass keeps Atzel's bandit minions well-paid, well-fed and well-armed.

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