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Submitted by wotta 2163d ago | news

Europe to get GT5 HD Video "Soon"

TSA Writes:

We reported over the weekend that the US version of God Of War III comes with an incredible HD trailer for Gran Turismo 5 showing off night time racing, but having searched the European disk high and low we simply couldn't find it. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

HarryDick-cuhmm   2163d ago | Spam
HarryDick-cuhmm   2163d ago | Spam
Enjoi915111  +   2163d ago
the 2 games i got my ps3 for 3 years ago are so close...about damn time
The Meerkat  +   2163d ago
It only does God of War 3 and GT5

for everything else there is the 360.
rockleex  +   2163d ago
A different GT5 HD trailer?!?!!
Enjoi915111  +   2163d ago
well no i fell in love with uncharted series no doubt and heavy rain is incredible..i like story's ....there will be more to come ..last guardian ff vs.....socom 4.....

main reason was blu-ray, gow and gt5 though
rawd  +   2163d ago
Or you could just watch it in HD on Youtube?
GR8 1  +   2163d ago
I already watched the Video on YouTube and i wasn't impressed i can honestly say GT5 will get low REVIEWS than Forza 3. Everyone waiting for GT5 are wasting there time and will be left hurt and devastated.
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W831SOLIDSNAKE  +   2163d ago
Ahhhh Low Bot
Playing Flipza 3, that garbage of a game, no where near GT5.

Flipza, Glitched, Looks Like crap, plays like crap.
im always right   2163d ago | Spam

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