Sony's Marketing For The PS3: Improved Or Not?

CB Games Reports:

I'll answer the headlining question for this article right off the top: Yes, it has improved! For those who don't know what I'm talking about, you may recall a series of PS3 advertisements and promotional ads that not only instilled viewers with a sense of absolute bewilderment, but also inflicted a sense of fear, annoyance and embarrassment for Sony.

You know us here at CB Games, no topic is off limits when it comes to the gaming industry, and that includes marketing. While we may praise a company for doing something decent (i.e., PS3 comes with a hard drive, Nintendo's Wii-mote, M$'s Xbox Live, etc.,) we will just as easily put a crosshair between their eyes when they drill their own hindquarters into hole (i.e., Sony's marketing strategy for the PS3 launch). And just remember, if the company did everything right, there wouldn't be a need for articles like this.

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felidae4181d ago

sonys marketing is just right. they know what to do ...

Omegasyde4181d ago

Yea Ken Kutagari stepped down. There is now a man competant running the show.
The Sony site at shows demo's and
is pretty cool with The voice of Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Pumpkin Head). That one commercial made by Nintendo with the Large women (ps3) vs the skinny bimbo (Wii) really put a hurting to it's image along with the whole Goat massacre (GoW) and greedy church standoff.

I wonder why Sony doesn't advertize the ps3 during its own movies, yet I saw the Gears of War trailer at 3 different movies.

toughNAME4181d ago

yes because sony is never wrong
sony is god
i will do whatever sony tells me too

FreeMonk4181d ago (Edited 4181d ago )

I personally think that Sony need to change there advertising aspects ASAP!!

Has anyone seen the 'This is Living' commercials?? I'd have never guessed it was advertising the PS3 if it didn't say so at the end of the trailer.

Stick to basics, advertise the PS3 with images of gameplay.

MS had the same problem at first with the whole 'Jump In' adverts with the skipping rope. Now they've switched to showing commericals featuring in-game gameplay (like Fonza 2 and Gears).

My favourite is still for Guitar Hero 2 on the X360. A little custom anime with Wolfmother's 'Woman' song playing against it got me curious of the game. If it wasn't for that commericial, I probably wouldn't of bothered with GH2.

Wii have the little Japanese guys going around wanting to play, showing off there new games. It's simple, but it's effective.

I'm sure if you showed a little snippet of a commericial from each console, most people would recognise the Wii and X360, but not the PS3.

The also need to get more adverts out there. I live in the UK, and I can guarantee that I will see at least one commericial from either Wii or X360 every day on TV. I can't remember when I last seen a PS3 advert on TV if any. I've only seen the This Is Living adverts on the net!

Overall, Sony need to sell the games and the console with things related to the console in there advertising, not some artsy farty crap that doesn't mean anything. Also, start getting more commercials out there on TV and Cinema. Time to get back to basics, and start selling those big black consoles.

MaximusPrime4181d ago

you made a good choice choosing the above picture.

I never ever once seen xbox360 carried by some girls. anyone got one?

Ludwig4181d ago

there are hundreds .. o_O' .. microsoft got tons of booth babes too.

And I often see Xbox360 themed anime-girls in japanese artist's blogs .. (Wii girls too .. but not many PS3 girls.)

millwall1234181d ago

the this is living adverts was not a gd move and sony's adverts need to have people showing off the console

cyguration4181d ago

I couldn't follow what Sony was trying to say in the "this is living" campaign. It was just too confusing.

ps360s4181d ago

awwww these jap girls...mmmm....their ass must smell nice...mmmmmmmmmmmm

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