Rumor : Gamestop leaks $200 pricedrop on PS3

The latest newsletter from Gamestop might have contained more information than they had initially planned or one of the staff members have gone mad and released Sony's future plans for the PS3's price reduction.

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Wii is bundled. It comes packaged with other games. Reports are coming that Gamestop had posted on their page that, this was a typo and a fault on their part.

"Please note: The price for the Sony PS3 60GB was incorrectly listed in our June 26 newsletter. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused."

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GoLeafsGo4182d ago

*slaps a huge 'RUMOR' sticker onto title*

C'mon now.

Omegasyde4182d ago

It's a typo. Look at the price above the image its a xbox 360 at 399.99 as well. A price drop would be nice but a $200 one? Unless they redesigned a "lesser"(like the 20 gig) version, which I expect sometime this year.

marinelife94182d ago

This would be horrible for the Wii. Microsoft will lower their price and what is Nintendo going to do then?

Seraphim4182d ago

they posted that this was an error on the PS3 web page at

I got the same email and chalked it up as a deal they had going on in that you can trade in some stuff and get a PS3 for that price. Guess I was wrong. But the fact remains that it as an error...

under Short Description...

Blankman4182d ago

whoaaa. didnt see dat comin. at least not so soon

kingofps34182d ago (Edited 4182d ago )

If this turns out to be true, its GAME OVER for the XROBOT Corporation. R.I.P Xbots '-'

PSTripleOG4182d ago

TheMart!!!!! You [email protected] You have just been owned. PS3 Will sell like mad if this is true... Oh yerrr look at all the games for PS3 this fall. Sony is coming BACK WOOP!!!!

PS3n3604181d ago

I love your avatar! It looks like the face of a Ps3 getting A$$ raped by the XBOX360. lol.

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ElementX4182d ago

It's probably just a typo. Who trusts Gamestop anyway?

beer_baron4182d ago

If it's not true, can I print out a copy of the newsletter and demand a PS3 for $399.99? Seems like it could be considered false advertising

Satanas4182d ago

Right on! I've gotten games for $10-20 cheaper for complaining of faulty advertising.