Sony & Epic Developing an Exclusive PS3 Game

Last week Gamers-creed reported a rumor from EGM magazine that, Sony was going to help Epic make the Unreal Engine work better on the PS3. The latest 1UP Yours podcast has added a bit more fire to that rumor.

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pwnsause4104d ago

I know what it is: "Wrench of War: Fall of Gears!!!!"

original seed4104d ago

Why do people post "news" from this site. It's pure [email protected] They never have any proof to back up any claims.
First the story claim as reported earlier but when you click on the link it takes you a a completely different story. Then it states that 1up adds more but doesn't provide a link.

Who does this site belong to? i know your'e here posting stuff, who are you?

Satanas4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Cool if true, but rumours are to be taken lightly.

From article: "What Genre cold [sic] this possibly be?"
Oh I dunno, I'm going to totally randomly guess FPS. (sarcasm) Of course that is good though, FPSes are welcomed.

Lord Anubis4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

unfortunately the story didn't add anything :(
I thought they would have more information

Satanas4104d ago

Yeah, all it did really was acknowledge that the rumor was mentioned again.

Kaneda4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

I heard EA was using Unreal Engine for their games....

That explain why 360 get 60 fps and PS3 is only 30 fps...Unreal Engine is developed mainly for PC games..and PS3 is different architect from PC..

Glad Sony is helping out developers for PS3...

DeadlyFire4104d ago

What are you talking about the Unreal Engine 3 runs fine on the PS3. Just look at some of the games using it. The engine doesn't run any slower on the PS3.

ben hates you4104d ago

one thing though"Sony was going to pay help Epic make the Unreal Engine work better on the ps3" one question better then what? help make it better working on the ps3 then before better then xbox360 better then what, better then previous, i demand to know what.

But anyway, EGM's rumors suck, one rumor was"that dead rising was to be ps3 exclusive, then ms paid for exclusive rights"another i've seen is" konami for sure to to have mgs on 360 for better sales" i never really cared for egm's rumor but what ever, like i always say "WE WILL SEE"

Satanas4104d ago

I have no idea where they get some stuff from -- like the PS2 motion control add-on. Who made that one up?

Omegasyde4104d ago

EGM Rumor=Educated Guess.

I.E. There is going to be another mario cart on the Wii.
Halo Wars will have Xbox live connection and 2 or more people can compete against each other.

Nostradamus doesn't work at EGM. Negrodamus might though.

Satanas4104d ago

That title is so lame though?

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The story is too old to be commented.