Why the Killzone 2 Clan System is Still the Best on Consoles

Meodia writes: "A year after it's release, KZ2 still provides the best clan system on consoles."

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cyborg69713030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

If all shooters had this clan system MLG would be out of a lot of jobs. And yes it's great.
@ below I hope your right.

blitz06233030d ago

I really loved the clan system of KZ2, though it had its flaws. Not saying it's all GG's fault, but there will be people that will exploit anything they see. The 50 win = 100k valor gave birth to boosting.

And the gameplay exploits ruined the clan system.
1. Get first kill in Body Count then suicide and not respawn.
2. Camp the speaker during Search and Retrieve.
3. Spawn glitching.
4. I wouldn't really call spawn camping cheating since it's the placer's fault, but silly people get pissed when they get spawn camped.

If one of those exploits are used during a clan match, the losing team would usually stop playing against that team. It causes a chain reaction until only a few teams would only be willing to play against each other. Other clans are too scared to lose their valor to some cheating clan.

swiftshot933030d ago

It would be great if all the features in KZ2 would carry over to KZ3.

GSpartan7773030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

The thing is that a lot of these developers assume that you manage your clan with your own website and etc and not on your game console in the game. COD4, MW2 and Battlefield BC2 all have a lot of clans and they do have scrim and etc but that is all settled on clan websites and forums. IW and Dice are comfortable with that and it's why they don't feel like implementing clan management system within the game itself. It's how things have always been done and people have grown acustom with it.

Raf1k13030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Clans have been managed like that for years on PC and it works but for console games (which are relatively new to online gaming) I think a system like the one in K2 would be good to adopt.

PirateThom3030d ago

Ultimately, combinging the server system from Warhawk with then clan system from Killzone 2 would be pretty sweet.

rroded3030d ago

lets hope they do for Starhawk!