Video Game music help fight disease

Believe it or not, the average person doesn't know a damn thing about video game music. Even to the typical gamer it's background filler that could just as easily be turned down or blocked out. But for a growing number of people, game music is a legitimately powerful genre that is often overlooked - and a brand new charity CD, GAME, plans to introduce this music to the masses while simultaneously donating 20% of the profits to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

It's a 10 minute medley of Final Fantasy music, and it's just one of 18 tracks on the GAME CD, releasing this weekend. For a mere 10 bucks you get 18 songs from games like Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy VII, plus a few anime goodies such as InuYasha. Shipping is free.

To see a 10 minutes preview of the music hit the link

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