GSD: Splinter Cell Conviction Video Preview

Here is the last of Ubidays Gamersyde Diaries. Anyway, GSD's feature about the fifth episode of Ubisoft's biggest franchise includes high-def' footage, their impressions as well as a piece of David Sarrasin, license manager since the first Splinter Cell. Enjoy.

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ThaGeNeCySt3768d ago

the interactive environment is amazing, i love ubisoft Montreal

MK_Red3768d ago

I thought Ubisoft Shanghai is making this. If indeed its from Ubi Montreal then I'm now really interested in this game. Still, I wish they would stop releasing SC games yearly like EA does so more effort could be put into making each SC game.

co_ray3768d ago

Ubisoft Shanghai isn't doing anything, not even the multiplayer(like CT, and DA) they are done with the SC series(Woo!) Yeah the new Splinter Cell, is going to rock

power of Green 3768d ago

You have to watch the video I can't believe Sony fanboys post 360 news but whats worse is you didn't even watch the video. The rest of your comment/opinion doesn't hold any water either after getting schooled(differnt teams developing different SC's). I don't know if you were hoping this video would be an low quality choppy " work in progress" video of a build that runs like sh*t like the one on XBL but at least read or watch your post.

ImWithStupid3768d ago

in case you haven't noticed, CONVICTION FOR PS3 COMING NOVEMBER 28th.

so much for that NON-SENSE about ANY game only being possible on the 3fixme.

you been PWNED noob.

toughNAME3768d ago

i downloaded the video of Marketplace a couple days ago
...the grpahics kinda reminded me of dead rising

i wasnt that impressed...but iv never been a tom clancy fan

but EndWar...fukin sexy

Vojkan3768d ago

I agree its not that impressive. I was expecting more...

EggFiary3768d ago

Im not really impressed. i really wish they go back to the james bond type of splinter cell

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