More people playing Bad Company 2 on PC than consoles

According to DICE developer Bazajaytee, the "PC currently has more people playing and are in game servers than both the consoles."

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TheIneffableBob2967d ago

Also, on, the PC version is currently the best selling video game, outselling both the PlayStation 3 (3rd place) and Xbox 360 (17th place) versions.

xTruthx2967d ago

Yeah there are a lot of people on my xfire playing bc2

WildArmed2967d ago

Yeah, there is no doubt about it.
I know alot more PC-gamers that wanted BC2 vs console owners.
Most of the console owners are holding out for RPGs and other games this month. (ofc I'm talking about the folks i know.. which is very little compared to the world of gamers)

So can we stop with those PC gaming is dead articles? lol

marinelife92967d ago

They don't have as much to play anymore on PC's

captain-obvious2967d ago

BF was born on PC
and in there you can find the real BF hardcore fans
consoles are just to get more cash

superrey192967d ago

This goes to show that if developers give the PC community what it want's, their product will sell well. Been enjoying the hell out of the PC version myself.

evrfighter2967d ago

Don't be surprised, BF2 sold 1.5 million in a month.

EA/DICE thought they'd sell more on consoles with BC1. Turns out they're back to catering more to the pc crowd.

solar2967d ago

you mean we have "too much" to play. i can play DOOM which was released in '93, and pretty much every game since then. you know, 17 years worth of games. on one platform.

narked2967d ago

see that Dice? now that's good enough of a reason to give us BF3 exclusively :D

vickers5002967d ago

"consoles are just to get more cash"

Yeah, they only care about true pc gamers! They only made battlefield for consoles to get more money!


So if they care about you so much, how come Bad Company 1 (still a great game) wasn't released at all on the pc? How come you had to wait such a damn long time for 1943 to come out? You're an a**hole in thinking that they only care about their pc gamers, and thinking that you are the only important gamers.

sid4gamerfreak2967d ago

Why am I not surprised that BC2 will be played more on pc than consoles. I mean, with pc u get the true BC2 experience, dx11 graphics, dedicated servers, mods. U see, DICE if u give pc gamers wat u want (unlike mw2), u deserve success and great recognition.

Blaster_Master2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Its cause its the best shooter to get on that platform. Sorry EA, but MAG has me hooked until Socom 4. Maybe if you worked on your networking, fixed the moon walking and time relapses, tweaked the shooting mechanics, add prone, and took the cookie cutter MP out and added something new and I might buy it used.

Montrealien2967d ago

lets face it, this is the first real BF game on te PC since BF2, so, it aint suprising.

PopEmUp2966d ago

is much better to play on a pc than on a ps3 or 360, well for most FPS games anyway

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electricshadow2967d ago

Maybe because the Battlefield series began on the PC platform and DICE didn't screw over their fanbase (IW) to what they are today? Dedicated servers help a lot. I'm thoroughly enjoying this game on PlayStation 3 and I'm glad other people are as well.

Syaz12967d ago

supply and demand is part of business. pc gamers make their demand, dice fulfills it, pc gamers like it, and there's supply for it.

Koblec2967d ago

Good, we PC gamers have needed a BF game for quite some time now.

Perjoss2967d ago

I'm glad its doing really well, and its not even a 'real' Battlefield game (Bad Company branch), Battlefield 3 is in development, thats going to be the big seller on PC.

Allowen2967d ago

Third party games are better if played in a PC .
Unless it is a "Games for Windows Live" game. hehe

If BFBC2 were a GFWL game it would sell 20 times less ...

cool cole2967d ago

I don't really like BFBC 2, something about that i don't really like, but its much better than mw2 though.

jdktech20102967d ago

I don't get all the MW2 hate....I enjoy it now and then. Sure, the cheaters drag the game down now and then but when there aren't any, I think it's fun as hell and I'm only average at it

PaLaK-2967d ago

I don't really like BFBC2, or MAG, and I think it's because they have such large maps, and something else I cannot put my finger on.. Yet I still think that they are both much better than MW2, and anybody saying they aren't usually fits one of these critera: they haven't played COD4, they just play casually, all their friends are on MW2, their skill level is sh#t so they naturally prefer games with no skill, or they like hacking games LOL.