NASCAR Director Calls Gran Turismo 5 The Best NASCAR Game To Date

It's been nearly two years since EA Sports called it quits on the NASCAR franchise (a little less if you count NASCAR Kart Racing). NASCAR gamers are growing impatient and, for better or for worse, will have to wait for the perpetually-delayed Gran Turismo 5 to get their NASCAR fix.

At the very least, fans can take comfort in knowing that Blake Davidson, managing director of licensed products at NASCAR, has incredible faith in the game. "They're going to do it better than anybody's ever done it before," he stated in a video posted on the PlayStation.Blog. "It's really the next step for us, it's the best depiction of what NASCAR cars are in any driving game to date." Certainly a bold statement, considering NASCAR is just one feature in the racer.

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PoSTedUP3002d ago

wow this games ggoing to be huge!

they want NASCAR, i want RALLY (dirt n snow)

gunna get the G25 wheel, the Driving force GT is not going to be enought to handel the realism in this game!

thebudgetgamer3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

i would be all over it.

i want one of those wheels, but man their expensive for the good ones.

Rock Bottom3002d ago

He also called Polyphony best car game developers. :)

rockleex3002d ago

Now all they need is Formula Drift.

Noctis Aftermath3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

"perpetually-delayed" ; show proof to back this up, the only release date it was ever given was for japan, it's been delayed ONCE and that was for japan only.

TheBlackSmoke3002d ago

You have to just laugh at the people who like to have a dig about how long this games been in development.

They really cant grasp just how much content is being created for this game, literally an average full games worth of content is just a mere category out of dozens more in gt5.

Heck even gt5:prologue which is called a glorified demo has as much value as any other full release racing game.

Looks like there will be another order of crow to eat when this comes around.

sikbeta3002d ago

Gran Turismo Not Only Does NASCAR

Gaming FTW!!!

Immortal3213002d ago

Daaammmn! the 360 got knock the fck! out!

randomwiz3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

it'll be interesting to see whether they keep Nascar at 16, or blow our minds away with 43 cars on track for Nascar.

3002d ago
Darkstorn3002d ago

Not a fan of NASCAR, but I am a fan of car sims. GT5 will be epic!

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Claudinho693002d ago

no amount of sales will give this game justice

PirateThom3002d ago

I hope it's the best WRC game to date as well.

sikbeta3002d ago

Dude, It's Gran Turismo, there is NO DOUBT!

Gaming FTW!!!

PimpHandHappy3002d ago

GT5 will be HUGE

i can care less about Nascar but im still looking 4ward to trying everything this game has to offer

mastiffchild3002d ago

But saying it's the best Nascar game is like saying Bush senior is better than Junior, isn't it? Neither EA nor Teddy Bear Eyes Bush set the bar very high in terms of quality, did they?

Anyhow, from what I've seen of Nascar on the Telly(never seen any of the games in my life and doubt they even sold them in the UK-or tried to for that matter)it doesn't look like you COULD make a game out of it that would be both realistic, simulation riddled AND some fun to boot! I hope they can but PD make pretty dry simulations and Nascar is the most boring motorsport on the planet-or , it is of the one's I've seen(which includes lawnmower racing FFS!)-so it's the mode I'm least happy about them wasting their time on. It never did well for EA, even in the US so just why PD even wanted to try such a limited(to the layman possibly)sport.Hope I'm wrong as this guy seems well stoked but as he probably LOVES Nascar to start with why should I listen to him? Seriously, what ARE the biggest attractions of Nascar?

morganfell3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

First let me say, To each his own.

Many people discount NASCAR as something of a 'redneck' sport. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And the more accurate the game the better. More simulation and less attempts to dumb down NASCAR is the preferred route. Why? Because NASCAR is a pins and needles, hood ornament on a freight train rush.

Look at Talladega. The banks at Talladega are so steep you can barely walk up them. Speeds average 189 with bursts going faster. Qualifying speeds have reached 212 MPH. It will be interesting to see what they do about the restrictor plates and running 3 wide.

It is the fastest track in NASCAR and a white knuckle fest:

NASCAR may look boring to some but if you have been there live and watched cars trade paint at 180 MPH it is anything but that. Now try that inside the car, on a 33 degree bank, with cars bumping you at speeds where a slight brush can put you in a wall and taking the lead comes down to crafty maneuvering, very fast thinking, knowing your car, your opponents, having a good team, and a slight bit of luck. It is a constant stomach twisting fight for the lead.

Zealots make the greatest converts and what the video stated was true. There is little doubt it will convert quite a few people to the sport. You don't need fake or over done to see that, while a Hollywood movie, Days of Thunder did capture some of that white knuckle temptation that draws people to the sport. There is a reason NASCAR has such a huge fanbase and it isn't because people need something to sleep by.

GrooveChampion3002d ago

I'd also add that driving in heavy traffic on the freeway can be rough. Lots of movement, the speed, the proximity of the cars.
Now just imagine having 30+ other drivers, all racing well above 120mph all trying to get to the front, all within feet or inches of the car next to them.

Sorry for the long sentence, but that's why I dig Nascar, it's amazing racing. Not too fun to watch people talk about (SPEED Channel!) but it can be great fun to get detailed on or play the games that represent it best.

Sarcasm3002d ago

Actually... Nascar is one of the hardest forms of racing. Yeah I know, WRC is some crazy shiznit, and F1 is perhaps the pinnacle of road racing. But it still takes a tremendous amount of skill to race in Nascar. People always discount Nascar because "they only race in circles." but if they learn the fundamentals of how it all works, plus if they've ever experienced any type of racing, then they will realize that Nascar ain't no joke.

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