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NASCAR Director Calls Gran Turismo 5 The Best NASCAR Game To Date

It's been nearly two years since EA Sports called it quits on the NASCAR franchise (a little less if you count NASCAR Kart Racing). NASCAR gamers are growing impatient and, for better or for worse, will have to wait for the perpetually-delayed Gran Turismo 5 to get their NASCAR fix.

At the very least, fans can take comfort in knowing that Blake Davidson, managing director of licensed products at NASCAR, has incredible faith in the game. "They're going to do it better than anybody's ever done it before," he stated in a video posted on the PlayStation.Blog. "It's really the next step for us, it's the best depiction of what NASCAR cars are in any driving game to date." Certainly a bold statement, considering NASCAR is just one feature in the racer. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

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thebudgetgamer  +   1887d ago
only on ps3
PoSTedUP  +   1887d ago
wow this games ggoing to be huge!

they want NASCAR, i want RALLY (dirt n snow)

gunna get the G25 wheel, the Driving force GT is not going to be enought to handel the realism in this game!
thebudgetgamer  +   1887d ago
if polophony digital made a stand alone nascar or wrc game
i would be all over it.

i want one of those wheels, but man their expensive for the good ones.
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Rock Bottom  +   1887d ago
He also called Polyphony best car game developers. :)
rockleex  +   1887d ago
NASCAR, WRC, Super GT...
Now all they need is Formula Drift.
Noctis Aftermath  +   1887d ago
"perpetually-delayed" ; show proof to back this up, the only release date it was ever given was for japan, it's been delayed ONCE and that was for japan only.
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TheBlackSmoke  +   1887d ago
You have to just laugh at the people who like to have a dig about how long this games been in development.

They really cant grasp just how much content is being created for this game, literally an average full games worth of content is just a mere category out of dozens more in gt5.

Heck even gt5:prologue which is called a glorified demo has as much value as any other full release racing game.

Looks like there will be another order of crow to eat when this comes around.
sikbeta  +   1887d ago
Gran Turismo Not Only Does NASCAR

Gaming FTW!!!
Immortal321  +   1887d ago
1!, 2!, 3!, 4!, 5!, 6!, 7!, 8!, 9!,..... 10!
Daaammmn! the 360 got knock the fck! out!
randomwiz  +   1887d ago
it'll be interesting to see whether they keep Nascar at 16, or blow our minds away with 43 cars on track for Nascar.
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randomwiz   1887d ago | Spam
Darkstorn  +   1887d ago
Not a fan of NASCAR, but I am a fan of car sims. GT5 will be epic!
Claudinho69  +   1887d ago
no amount of sales will give this game justice
GrandDragon  +   1887d ago
How about 50 million?
zootang  +   1887d ago
I'd say nope!
PirateThom  +   1887d ago
I hope it's the best WRC game to date as well.
sikbeta  +   1887d ago
Dude, It's Gran Turismo, there is NO DOUBT!

Gaming FTW!!!
PimpHandHappy  +   1887d ago
without a NASCAR game this year
GT5 will be HUGE

i can care less about Nascar but im still looking 4ward to trying everything this game has to offer
mastiffchild  +   1887d ago
But saying it's the best Nascar game is like saying Bush senior is better than Junior, isn't it? Neither EA nor Teddy Bear Eyes Bush set the bar very high in terms of quality, did they?

Anyhow, from what I've seen of Nascar on the Telly(never seen any of the games in my life and doubt they even sold them in the UK-or tried to for that matter)it doesn't look like you COULD make a game out of it that would be both realistic, simulation riddled AND some fun to boot! I hope they can but PD make pretty dry simulations and Nascar is the most boring motorsport on the planet-or , it is of the one's I've seen(which includes lawnmower racing FFS!)-so it's the mode I'm least happy about them wasting their time on. It never did well for EA, even in the US so just why PD even wanted to try such a limited(to the layman possibly)sport.Hope I'm wrong as this guy seems well stoked but as he probably LOVES Nascar to start with why should I listen to him? Seriously, what ARE the biggest attractions of Nascar?
morganfell  +   1887d ago
First let me say, To each his own.

Many people discount NASCAR as something of a 'redneck' sport. Nothing could be further from the truth.

And the more accurate the game the better. More simulation and less attempts to dumb down NASCAR is the preferred route. Why? Because NASCAR is a pins and needles, hood ornament on a freight train rush.

Look at Talladega. The banks at Talladega are so steep you can barely walk up them. Speeds average 189 with bursts going faster. Qualifying speeds have reached 212 MPH. It will be interesting to see what they do about the restrictor plates and running 3 wide.


It is the fastest track in NASCAR and a white knuckle fest:


NASCAR may look boring to some but if you have been there live and watched cars trade paint at 180 MPH it is anything but that. Now try that inside the car, on a 33 degree bank, with cars bumping you at speeds where a slight brush can put you in a wall and taking the lead comes down to crafty maneuvering, very fast thinking, knowing your car, your opponents, having a good team, and a slight bit of luck. It is a constant stomach twisting fight for the lead.

Zealots make the greatest converts and what the video stated was true. There is little doubt it will convert quite a few people to the sport. You don't need fake or over done to see that, while a Hollywood movie, Days of Thunder did capture some of that white knuckle temptation that draws people to the sport. There is a reason NASCAR has such a huge fanbase and it isn't because people need something to sleep by.
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GrooveChampion  +   1887d ago
Morganfell is right
I'd also add that driving in heavy traffic on the freeway can be rough. Lots of movement, the speed, the proximity of the cars.
Now just imagine having 30+ other drivers, all racing well above 120mph all trying to get to the front, all within feet or inches of the car next to them.

Sorry for the long sentence, but that's why I dig Nascar, it's amazing racing. Not too fun to watch people talk about (SPEED Channel!) but it can be great fun to get detailed on or play the games that represent it best.
Sarcasm  +   1887d ago
Actually... Nascar is one of the hardest forms of racing. Yeah I know, WRC is some crazy shiznit, and F1 is perhaps the pinnacle of road racing. But it still takes a tremendous amount of skill to race in Nascar. People always discount Nascar because "they only race in circles." but if they learn the fundamentals of how it all works, plus if they've ever experienced any type of racing, then they will realize that Nascar ain't no joke.
artsaber  +   1887d ago
GT5 - Worldwide Racing
Of all types, on all levels, of all styles - "Definative"
sikbeta  +   1887d ago
Racing Sim

Gaming FTW!!!
GrooveChampion  +   1887d ago
The acronym you've created there is slightly unfortunate.
sikbeta  +   1887d ago
Racing Sim

Better? nah... it sounds Really Really Odd Damn...

Gaming FTW!!!
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl  +   1887d ago
Jr's makin' a move!
"Dale Earnhardt, Jr. himself actually came to us and said 'you really need to look at Polyphony Digital. They're a great developer, the best in the world at what they do.'"
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   1887d ago
I don't disagree with what he said
but he IS paid by SONY to say such things.



Sony recently announced that one of NASCAR's most popular drivers, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., has signed a personal endorsement contract with the company. According to the vice president of marketing and brand development for Earnhardt's JR Motorsports, Sony was an easy choice, as the driver loves racing games, high-tech gadgets, and computers. "We're evolving with him ... as he matures, we have to grow his brand with companies that are authentic to who he is.".

Earnhardt will focus on promoting high-def products such as TVs, cameras, and Blu-ray disc players, but Sony promises he'll be pushing games as well.
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WIIIS1  +   1887d ago
nycredude  +   1886d ago

And what is wrong with this exactly? SOunds like a shrewd, very smart business decision. I hope you don't go into business yourself cause you would be clueless.
iPad  +   1887d ago
All this
on a Blu-Ray Disk
NoiseBringer  +   1887d ago
You mean on 3 Blu Ray discs :) (game ships with 3 Blu Ray discs)
PirateThom  +   1887d ago
That was never confirmed (sadly), in fact, the video that started the rumour was, more than likely, a special edition release with an extra bonus content disc and a bigger manual.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1887d ago
¿3 Blu ray Discs?

That means more than 100GB of Game
KrustytheClown  +   1887d ago
NASCAR Director Calls Gran Turismo 5 The Best NASCAR Game To Date
thats an understatement. its the nbest racing sim ever created, it gererates billions and billions, the only game i think that passed it was mario.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1887d ago
HE'S making a LEFT TURN!!!!!

In related news, I think Nascar needs more road courses as they take more skill then Oval.

Related video
dirthurts  +   1887d ago
To be fair
Nascar has never really had good games...
I'm sure GT will do it the justice it deserves. Should be great.
A great way to boost sales too. Clever them.
Pillage05  +   1887d ago
Yeah, I imagine Nascar will be sporting PS3/GT5 ads and billboards come closer to release. NASCAR has a HUGE following. Most popular sport in America(or atleast it was 2 years ago when I took a Marketing class)
swiftshot93  +   1887d ago
lol, and its only 1 feature. I hope this game comes out soon.
BenCrazy424  +   1887d ago
What do you guys mean that NASCAR never had any good games.

Does NR2003 ring a bell?
alphakennybody  +   1887d ago
The non-american part of say "meh" to nascar but the race-fan part of me say give "it a try at the least". oh I should consider this extra icing on the cake. I can't wait to do some real dirt rally!WRC!
NateDPG  +   1887d ago
Simply the best, only on PS3
mrv321  +   1887d ago
GT5 doesn't just out-do all simulator but now it out does Nascar games, how long before it outdoes offroad games?

I'd laugh so hard it they also announce a arcade mode and a full metal road.

And just say 'The best car game in the main genre's ever.'
cmrbe  +   1887d ago
Always remember NASCAR from Days of thunder
Not my cup of tea but i understand why other motorheads love it.
W S K  +   1887d ago
"Gran Turismo 5 The Best NASCAR Game To Date"
though i wouldn´t call THAT a big achievement (cause EA Nascar Games su(ked hard in the past)

to be honest...i´m more curious to see what they did with the WRC cars...
tdogchristy90  +   1887d ago
I've been catching up on forza 3 lately and it was my first racing sim, I must say with this current gen and how realistic it is, it does kind of suck you in if you love cars lol.

I can't wait for GT5 to come out and just up it another notch, YAY for car lovers :).
Enjoi915111  +   1887d ago
ill say one thing i will not be buying gt5 to play nascar.....waste of my time i could of been playing gt5 right now.....thanks alot cirle lap nascar lamOOOO......quick grab the rabbit ears the rv and the case of busch and my dip yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaawwwwww.

sad nascar is in such a good game as gt5......lowers there standard i believe.
Enjoi915111  +   1887d ago
nascar is meh.

id prefer mario kart over any nascar game any day
bjornbear  +   1887d ago
only on the PS3 do you get
and NASCAR all for the price of ONE retail game

+ the best graphics physics and selection of awesome cars =D

i don't even like racers and this makes me salivate =O its just SO MUCH for value its almost something you must HAVE as a gamer than just a racing sim.
bmb5150  +   1887d ago
In my Opinion
GT5 won't be the best NASCAR simulator, and that's coming from a big motorsports fan from NASCAR to Sportscar racing to Open Wheel and have driven other racing sims like NR2003 and rFactor. GT5 may be better, but the only oval tracks that they could be used at is Daytona, Indy, the Test Track, and not sure a traditional oval track, but I'm not sure about that. NASCAR Racing 2003 Season and iRacing take the cake since it has the full package of tracks (short track, intermediate, restrictor plate (Daytona and Talladega), and road courses), the lower series, and Papyrus/iRacing group have been doing simulations of NASCAR for many years and have probably a better idea than Polyphony Digital. But I won't be surprised if PD does an excellent job and can't wait.
Thoreau  +   1887d ago
and some people claimed that
forza is the definitive racer. it seems that nascar disagrees,

only on ps3....
DigitalAnalog  +   1887d ago
NASCAR the endurance race no?
I remember playing NASCAR in Sega Saturn and man those never-ending laps are tiring but for some reason... fun. It's truly a great honor to have NASCAR being shown in an fantastic light in the form of GT5. No doubt, definitive. NO. The ULTIMATE DRIVING.....


-End statement
rexus12345  +   1887d ago
Don't see the appeal of this game
I never understood why many people like this game. I would rather see cars exploding rather than winning a race, no matter how beautiful they are XD
KrustytheClown  +   1886d ago
man i love this damn game
i love nascar and i love gran turismo.
SmokedOut  +   1886d ago
He should try iracing.com on a badass cpu then...
divideby0  +   1886d ago
I dont mind the GT delays, its gonna be the best racing game EVER..period...and I did like this years Forza better than any of its previous versions...
yogaflame  +   1886d ago
my goodness stop teasing us, when is the launch and i hope it is not the rumored 2011
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