Stranglehold Gameplay Video

User movie showing off some Stranglehold gameplay.


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masterg4105d ago

I'm not getting too many multi-console games this year.
But I think will be one of the few that I will buy.
Plus of course GTA4.

Haven't played too much bullet time since good old Max Payne.

sak5004105d ago

Looks like the tequila time is overdone in this one. Max had it right and we dint need to use it every few seconds. Graphically its looking alright nothing spectacular in my opinion. Will hv to rely on reviews before chuking out money for this one.

kingofps34104d ago

I think this is the first Stranglehold video that really shows off the gameplay. Im very much impressed by the destructibility of the environment. Plus, many baddies to kill.

@ masterg
I agree. Didn't have much decent bullet time since Max Payne 2.

aiphanes4104d ago

This is looking like a hot game! I at definately looking to buy this one when it comes out if it has good reviews!

Lord Anubis4104d ago

Strangely, looking at the gameplay this game reminds me of Jet Li's Rise to honor.

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