Madden 08 vs All Pro Football 2K8 Comparison

A side by side comparisons between the 2 next NFL games that will be available this summer.

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nextgengaming184189d ago

Best nfl game. Beats out all pro football, and madden series.

DixieNormS4189d ago

IS owned by MS studios. So I doubt they will bring it back. Specially with EA owning the NFL License.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Maybe next year 2K. 8] GEAUX SAINTS!

Bloodmask4189d ago

games are always better than EAs. I hope once EA's licensing is up with the NFL that they aren't able to renegotiate a contract.

Having no competition will only lead to poorer games.

Maddens Raiders4189d ago

EA....oh where, oh where has the inner ambition gone? Oh I know, it's in your multimillion dollar licensing contract with the NFL. *sigh* ...So I guess this is it huh? I know it's not your fault John. You'll always be the Hall of Fame coach of the Oakland Raiders. You will be missed 'ol friend.

PS360PCROCKS4189d ago

Irony with your name and all lol. I honestly though think Madden looks much much better and I hate EA

Maddens Raiders4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I know...believe me don't know how much it hurts to turn away from something I've been playing since I was in High School man. I mean I literally cut my adolescent teeth in video games on Madden back in the day. Boy was it fun. Hell we'd skip school to play all the time ~ but not practice, coach would whip our a$$!lol

But since the new form took place coinciding with the launch of the PS2 back in 2000 it seems that the franchise has just continued to lose its luster as far as I'm concerned. 1st it was the goal - line glitch in the game where no one could be stopped on offense in that formation back on 2003's edition. The arrow glitch, the "lead recv'r" glitch (that I killed people with), the good 'ol "L2" glitch and the onsides kick glitches of '04 and '05. There are many other little nuances of the game that I could throw in there, but don't want to give away all unknown Hell I remember back on Maddens '91, '92 '93 if you picked the 49ers, the Giants, the Redskins, or Cowboys you could damn near win the Super Bowl by running one play on offense and the same on defense. Ronnie Lott, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor, and Otis Anderson were damn near untouchable, and Jay Novacek was just silly.

I was able to overlook all of that because I am a fan of Madden. That's John Madden. The guy is an absolute legend ~ he's classy, he's an NFL Hall of Famer, he coached my favorite team to absolute dominance and fear back in the day, but above all, HE RESPECTS THE GAME.

Now, I can't expect the guy to live forever, but the removal of his signature voice from the game (Madden and Summerall were magnifique!), along with the status quo - minimal upgrades every year since 2000 is just making me turn away from the series I love so much more and more. I've been saying these things since 2001: Where are the player's towels ~ there are towels EVERYWHERE in football!? Where's the bench - fans w/ mist to keep the players cool ? Where's the security, the vendors, the towel boy? Where's all the debris on the field on a windy day in Cleveland or Tampa, or Chicago, or Oakland? Is there not debris or wind in those stadiums especially? All stadiums?

They used to bring the ambulance onto the field and run over all the players (not realistic, but hilarious!) - they don't even bring the ambulance (or cart) when the player gets hurt now. He just holds some random part of his body and the scene is over. Where are the trainers?

a/w - it seems like 2K is at least giving them a run for their money in the graphics department, but that elusive NFL license will keep 2K on the sidelines for a while. Somehow I think when they get it though ~ they won't take it for granted as the people that have hi-jacked this OUTSTANDING, OUTSTANDING franchise that was John Madden Football. RIP. Just my thoughts. Carry on.

PS360PCROCKS4189d ago

Man I couldn't agree more. Haha reading your reminisces of back in the day Madden made me remember all that. I have been playing Madden since my PS1 and I remember being the Lions, sweep to the right with Sanders and all the way to the goal line baby, nearly everytime. Back when it atleast used to be fun, now their so much realism they sapped all any realism out of it. Your right their is never any updates besides shinier stadiums. It's just frustrating now, the game controls always who wins. ahhh I could go on forever complaining...I always watch the Madden videos and they seem so impressive but once you insert the game it feels so hollow, their is no technique or talent involved anymore. You can't even throw the ball over the middle EVER. Dang back in the man, back in the day...

Maddens Raiders4187d ago

xbox, Barry Sanders was one of those guys too, that really was untouchable. Back then it was you against your friend with the other controller and his favorite player. You knew what he was going to do, the person he was going to do it with and the direction. Now, it's so technical that you almost need an enginner to figure out some of theplays, but that is all a part of football The complexities are abound, but EA has seemed to just let the game be the "game" without adding anything to the experience besides the knowledge that your playing an "NFL" licensed product. Someone needs to come along an immerse the video game player back onto that gridiron, because the guys at EA just don't seem to care that much anymore and honestly, why should they?

War - the old days.

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