Suda51 Not Excited About Arc, Interested In Natal

CC: Creator of the No More Heroes series Goichi Suda - aka Suda51 - has given his views on the motion control/sensing technology that will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

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Sonyslave32757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Natal b!tches it the future .

Why develop a game for the competition (Sony) while their device is exactly the same as Nintendo’s?” said Suda in an interview with “I'm not really excited about the gadget from Sony. Natal is great, it would be interesting to work on it”

We can’t expect every developer to love the PS3’s motion controller, but with over 80% of worldwide developers working on Natal enabled titles, it’s looks to be tough for the device.

mrv3212757d ago

HAHA... this happend in the 80's 90's and 00's and it's happen in 2010 and let me tell you this.... THE OUTCOME WILL BE THE SAME.

Companies create motion controller add-ons, AND THEY FAIL. It's plain and simply.

Bu...bu... the Wii, the WII HASN'T got a motion controller add-on it IS a motion console.

The controller is superior, I could prove that to you. Check the Natal lag... check the control medium and check you mind.

If you honestly think Natal>Controller then your frankly not a games.

SpaceSquirrel2757d ago

Natal's success will depend on the pricing I think.

mjolliffe2757d ago

Yeah, Natal's pricing is crucial. If it's $50-$70 it'll do pretty well. If it's $150-$200 like recent rumours claim, it'll fail badly.

scruffy_bear2757d ago

It would need to be no more than $80

God_Of_Epicness2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Pricing doesn't matter. People (dumb ones) will still buy it. Example, HALO 3 (bad game but sold 10 mill). Example, Wi-fi for 360. Example, Play N Charge kit which i am so mad at MS that their play n charge kit was as faulty as their console. I am not going to buy another thing from MS except OS's. Btw, do you guys live in America? You do know America is MS territory right? The people overhypes it saying it's the next thing but it isn't. Natal's sensors lag but they don't know that. I'm not sure if they even have gone into gaming sites and check. Another reason why they will sell millions is advertising, something Sony is dumb not to do. So as far as i'm concerned, it'll be a success in MS's eyes. MILO footage was crap because it was fake. They didn't show the lag.

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Sonyslave32757d ago

For the million times already Natal is not replacing the controller.

mrv3212757d ago

Ok, so what's the point.

If it's not replacing the controller why would any devs waste time and money developing some tech that won't use Natal to it's full ability and will only be used by 1 million people. Why not just use the controller.

If Natal is designed to enhance then it cannot be used online. XBOX 360 main users play online... your denying them that if they want to use Natal all the time.

TOO PAWNED2757d ago

when he makes decent game, i'll care, NEXT!

talltony2757d ago

I think natal will only really work for little casual games while the arc will be used with big Sony exclusives and casual psn games. Honestly I don't give two craps about either, nothing will replace the controller.

sikbeta2757d ago

Amen to That, talltony

Joysticks FTW!!!

Voozi2757d ago

Well good thing he doesn't make "decent" games. He makes AWESOME games. Killer7, No More Heroes 1 & 2.

Looks like you won't be caring for a while.

DarkTower8052757d ago

Him and Kojima are major divas, but he does make some pretty good games. They're not mainstream games, but good nevertheless.

Parapraxis2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

"their device is exactly the same as Nintendo’s?"
Sorry Suda, but you're way off on that.

@DarkTower805...MGS is pretty darn "mainstream". Unless you consider the only games that are mainstream to be FPS titles that is.

Rocket Sauce2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I don't really care about the story, but who gives themselves a name like Suda51? Do any of you guys walk around telling people to call you Brad16 or Steve86?


So true! Too Pawned himself!

SoapShoes2757d ago

"their device is exactly the same as Nintendo’s?"
Really? Well that's not true. If you say that why would he be excited about 360 Eyetoy? Exactly the same as what Sony did on PS2 only more advanced. Arc is exactly like what Nintendo did on Wii only more advanced.

ssipmraw2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

rocket sauce
his full name is goichi suda but in japan and most other asian countries the last name goes before the first so suda goichi
in japan 5 is pronounced go while 1 is pronounced ichi hence his mates gave him that nickname

headwing452757d ago

Why does he only develope Wii games, something smells fishy

JokesOnYou2757d ago

He could of just said he likes Natal more, Natal has had alot more attention from devs since E3, still he's only making Suda51 a target for the over-sensitive ps3 extremists who will never forget any slight against sony as if you said something about their mommy. I'll just wait and see what Natal or the wand has to offer before I pass judgement.


Rocket Sauce2757d ago

"Go" "Ichi" - gotcha, makes sense now. I used to get so pissed at people using what sounds like an internet screen name in place of this dude's actual name, but its not so bad as long as there's a reason behind it.

I have a similar feeling about the guy who directed the last Terminator movie. He calls himself "McG" and I want to punch him.

rockleex2757d ago

"with over 80% of worldwide developers working on Natal enabled titles"

Ignorance FTW.

Microsoft actually said the majority of PUBLISHERS are working on bringing Natal titles.

Anyways, we have MUCH better games to worry about than No More Heroes.

kissmeimgreek2757d ago

theyve already most likely been given dev kits for both motion controllers and Id believe them when they say its just like the wii before i believe a bunch of n4g users who have never even used the thing.

Christopher2757d ago

The article says that 80% of developers are working on Natal games, and links to an article where the person specifically says:

"We have something like 70% or 80% of the publishers in the world already doing Natal-based games."

There is a huge difference between developer and publisher. There are vastly fewer number of publishers out there than there are developers.


Otherwise, this is just a fluff article. I don't care about either until they both start showing me something worthwhile. I don't own a Wii because there are so few games that I could see myself buying and none of them come close in desire that I get out of 360/PS3/PC games. If Natal and Arc end up being like that, I won't go there either.

rockleex2757d ago

The original interview was in French.

It seems like this website translated it themselves. I don't know much french, but I'm pretty sure this website is just twisting his words to make it seem like he doesn't like the Arc at all.

Basically, if the Arc is the same as the Wii Motion Plus, then that would be good because there's less work for him to do to convert the same gameplay mechanics over to the PS3.

I think what Suda51 meant to say is that he's more excited about Natal because it will offer a different motion control scheme. But whether it will be better or not is yet to be seen.

IdleLeeSiuLung2757d ago

LOL. People are trying to reason away what the is said in the article. it said what it said!

Get over your jealousy and let people that care voice their opinion. It's clear that there are the same people over and over saying the same negative stuff in every PRO MS article.

Do you guys even own a 360? If you did, you wouldn't be so negative about it and be happy new exciting stuff is coming out for it.

Light Yagami2757d ago

Suda made No More Heroes 2, one of the best games on Wii.

This is just the beginning of Natal dev support.

Tony P2757d ago

I like Suda's games. If he can do good hardcore with Natal, by all means. If I'm going to buy this thing, I want devs like Suda interested in pushing the tech.

VenGencE9992757d ago

His first reason states it's because it would bring direct competition to the Wii, which he doesn't want to do. Working with Natal will give him a chance to expand his customer base, not divide it. Simple business move and a smart one.

rockleex2757d ago

So he doesn't want to make multiplats? O_o

Isn't he trying to bring No More Heroes 2 to the HD consoles?

This guy is just contradicting himself.

You automatically divide your userbase when you make a game multiplat. But it also increases your audience too.

Arnon2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Sorry but how much more "advanced" can a motion controller like the arc get compared to the Wiimote+?

What exactly are the differences between the Wiimote+ and Arc? Because the Wiimote+ is actually 1:1. Yes, I have used it, and it's pretty darn nice. Honestly, Sony played it safe on this one, and unfortunately, I don't see it taking off anywhere. Sony never markets their peripherals, and when they do, it never sells in the first place.

What are we going to see with their advertisements? Would it be the exact same thing as a Wii commercial? What is this thing going to do that the Wii cannot? These are honest, serious questions I'm asking.

Also, how is there a difference between developers and publishers when 80% of developers are OWNED by PUBLISHERS?

AL Faris2757d ago

...far outstrech that of the wii based on the simple fact that the EYE is a camera and already has games out for it now like EyePet, Mesmerize etc. The EYE doesnt suddenly lose the rest of its features when the "ARC" is incorporated but then some simple and easy to acquire info would have saved you from seeming like a such an ignorant cynic

VenGencE9992757d ago

how am I contradicting myself? What you're implying is that the Wii-mote and the Arc are the same tech, which I'd have to say they are not. I'm quite sure if the tech was the same SONY would have to pay Nin some type of royalties, which is not the case. The only similarity is they provide the same end result.
You wouldn't be able to make the EXACT same game for the ps3 and the Wii, so no ports and no cost saving porting does for you. You could make a similar game, but it would NOT be the same, forcing you in direct competition with yourself. Why buy this game when you could just get a similar one on the cheaper Wii?

tronz2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Don't be mad because Microsoft is coming up with something so fresh and revolutionary it is considered interacting with computers with sign language by all media and other industries in the future.

Christopher2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Really? What's the difference?

Here's the difference: Let's say there are 10 publishers, each publisher has between 5 and 10 game development studios that they have agreements with to publish and may also own.

Now, the difference is if you say 80% of publishers working on Natal games it means 8+ games. If you say 80% of developers working on Natal games it means 40+ games.

If 80% of developers are working on Natal games in the real world, that would mean there would be close to 80 Natal games in development right at this moment. It's just not probable and it's more likely that it's in the range of 8-20 Natal games from various publishers, the majority of the games being developed by Microsoft of course.

They purposefully say it this way to misinform and over-inflate the numbers so people will think that there will be tons of games and support for it at release by practically everyone out there.

inveni02757d ago

I think EVERYONE is interested in Natal, but only to the extent that we just want to know what it's actually capable of. Personally, I lost interest once Microsoft confirmed that Natal is intended for casual games. Give me hardcore. That's how I like my porn, and that's how I like my games.

Arnon2756d ago

You would be correct if there was actually 100 major developers in the world. No more, no less. However, I'm going to take a swing at it and say there's around 40-60 major developers out there right now. All of which are owned by publishers who are most likely working on Natal. There are about 20-30 natal games being made, which would make sense, based on the 40-60 margin.

So yes, when 80% of developers are owned by publishers, and 80% of publishers are working on Natal, there really isn't much of a difference.

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GR8 12757d ago

Natal = the end of the ps3.

R.I.P PS3 2010.

Sonyslave32757d ago

Yes sony know it that why they delay their ARC to fall to steal some of Natal hype.

stonecold12757d ago

will put the 360 the final nail in the coffin for the 360 its been dead in japan europe australia germany newzealand

Akagi2757d ago

Oh dear, I didn't realize the Mental Asylums have internet access.

KrustytheClown2757d ago

and good all of the developers who love the ark. chow :)