2 New Cipher Complex Screenshots

2 new screenshots have made their way onto IGN. Press jump to view.

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nicodemus4101d ago

Those look like cinematics. Does anyone know if they're in-game?

Lex Luthor4101d ago

Yeah, takem from the 360 version

DrWan4101d ago

yawn, more of this war and shoot them up games. give me action adventure and some RPGs and some action RPGs

kingofps34101d ago (Edited 4101d ago )

This could be the new Splinter Cell. SC is getting old anyways. Even Sam Fisher is getting old.

Cipher Complex stands very good chance in this point in time, in SC's life, to take it's place. I got you CC.

BREAKING NEWS: News just in...

Cipher Complex VS. Splinter Cell

tudors4101d ago

the background detail in this shot is amazing

Blood_Spiller4100d ago

That's concept art, not in game.