Ex-ELSPA Bennett Slams Successor's Manhunt 2 Stance

Roger Bennett is sorely missed. The ex-director general of UK games regulator ELSPA has come out strongly in favour of Rockstar over the BBFC in the case of the recent Manhunt 2 ban, while strongly criticising ELSPA's decision to quickly jump to the support of the censors.

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Leon Kennedy4188d ago

Exactly! I never heard anyone complaining about "300" or "Freddy vs. Jason". They're just trying to make games look bad for kids, like the parents can't figure that out for themselves. What a load.

PlayStation3604187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Finally, us gamers have some backup. HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS MR. BENNETT!! KICK JACK THOMPSON'S ANTI-CHRIST @SS!!!!!!!!

ChickeyCantor4187d ago

o he isnt the only one there is even one in the netherlands who is going to debate this crap.
atleast there are few in this world who think!

Charlie26884187d ago

I think I actually like this guy :D I now know who to play videogames with when i go to the UK :P

Rhezin4187d ago

what a badass, but I mean seriously come on it's just Manhunt, like one of the best franchises evar!

ChickeyCantor4187d ago

its not about that!
what if it happens to other games?
its not just Manhunt it can happen to other games too so better fight it now before its too late.

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