Why MAG is Essentially a $60 Beta

DualShockers writes: "I know what you're thinking. You just read the title above and thought to yourself "who in the name of Jim Sterling wrote this drivel?" and to that, all I have to say is… relax. Not only is what you're about to read pro Zipper Interactive, it is also very much pro Sony. Just read on.."

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Sonyslave33204d ago

LOL i feel sorry for yall droids paying 60 bones for a beta.

Noctis Aftermath3204d ago

I feel sorry for retards who can't even read the story.

Pennywise3204d ago

Feel sorry for me, who has already put in 60 hours on this "$60 beta".

Its better than a $3.00 bill website.

JoelT3204d ago

How long have you had that name? Did you have 0 bubbles in 2007?

blitz06233204d ago

I feel sorry for people who pay $60 for a crappy online service with all kinds of sexuality, be it a homosexual or transvestite

Foliage3204d ago

Xboys pay 60 dollars to play betas of PS3 games. You guys call it "timed exclusives", we call it guinea pigs who get less value for their money.

Tony-A3204d ago

But I thought it "flopped in sales"?

Didn't you say that? How could you say you feel sorry for us paying $60 for a "beta", but say no one bought it?

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Pennywise3204d ago

No, you don't. I am thinking "Oh great another dualshocker blog." Your site sucks, your stories suck... Thanks for wasting time and bandwidth.

You know a site is bad when they have to write in the N4G description, "don't worry, this is pro-zipper/sony".


InLaLaLand3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Why MW2 is essentially a $60 beta instead.

TechnicalBS3204d ago

I enjoyed MW2, but the game was too short. I felt ripped off.

Anorexorcist3204d ago

But MW2 isn't PS3 exclusive so you don't see as much blatant pessimism against it.

ThanatosDMC3204d ago

$60 for a beta? Then it must be the best beta/fps game i've ever played!

@ Drekken

Oh yeah, i didnt realize you invited me to the clan.


Pennywise3204d ago

ThanatosDMC - I thought you were just being a snob! Get in there... we are vetting soon hopefully. I am tired waiting for you slow pokes!

sonarus3204d ago

If its in regard to socom 4 makes no sense. MAG 256 players Socom 32. Mag fps Socom third person tactical shooter. Mag online only. Socom singleplayer and online...failed article

captain-obvious3204d ago

i dont think its a 60$ beta
i love it

Greywulf3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Haters gonna hate.

Mag's online is as good/just as good as COD.. so..?

sikbeta3204d ago

AH...cuz of the LAME ARTICLES....

a $60 beta? WTF is that suppose to mean?

1·Tactical FPS
2·Cooperation is a Key in The Game
3·256 Players Ruling a Huge War

1·If you like lone-wolf shooters ala COD, sorry Pal, the Problem is not Game, the Problem Is YOU

2·You don't want to cooperate with your team-mates cuz in COD you never needed to do, again pal, there is more life after MW...

3·If you think 256 players fighting in a Huge War is Bad, pal what's wrong with you...

4·There is No Lag or at least nothing really noticeable, so you can't complain about that

LIVE_FR0M_NY3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

MAG is a $60 beta, but for different reason than this lame article says...

I played MAG since the first closed beta... The fact that about 75% of the game was available to us FOR FREE completely proves that is is a $60 beta. Imma be real, i am a proud Sony fanatic, i have loved nearly every exclusive released... but i did not think MAG was a good game at all. I put SOOO many hours into the Beta, that when i played the official release, there was NOTHING any different, it was the most undewhelmed i have ever felt...

What did they add? they took off the already high level cap, and unlocked ONE extra competitive game mode, and a bulls*it death match. They didn't add weapons, they didn't add better customization, they didn't add anything really! It's not even TRULY 256 players, you will never see even half of those people, and only one game mode supports it! I personally think this game is a huge letdown. There are so many Sony exclusives out or around the corner this game just does not cut it. It looks and plays like a launch title.

ThanatosDMC3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

There should be a notification that people got a clan invite. I had 7 invites and they're not even on my friends list or on N4G which was really weird.

I'll get to lv60 soon.

taz80803204d ago

@ Pennywise - you sir are pathetic. ::End conversation::

Is this really the best you can come up with? Have a civil discussion and then people will take you seriously. Until then enjoy your angry clown pic I guess.

nycredude3204d ago

What was i saying the other about dualsuckers when a dualsuckers rep came on to debate with me? These guys are nothing but a bunch of douches. They are just as bad as destructoid.

Nothing to see here. move along.

Besides last I check Mag is fps and Socom is tps!?

If you think this way then every first game of any series is a beta. EVERY game is essentially a beat cause developers are always learning form past games.

Pennywise3204d ago

Wow, Taz... hypocrite of the day award goes to you. Congrats!

I don't have to have a civil conversation about dualshockers. I used to think the website was named from the controller... but its obviously about dual shockers while you write stories.

I take it you wrote this drivel. Congrats again. My agree/disagree on my comment just about covers it.

Quit trying to be a sensationalist for hits.

LIVE_FR0M_NY3204d ago

lol you can disagree if you want but its all facts... the game was given away for free and then sold back to you for full price. good thing i rented it first! Gamefly FTW!!

edgeofblade3204d ago

One of these days, I'll drive by a field of Sony fanboys with their heads planted in the sand and just ignore them. Unfortunately, this one has caught my attention.

No. MAG is a game that needs a lot of work. And, just like all other supposed Messianic games the Sony fanboys look for hope in, their denial only serves to dilute the message the community should be sending to the developers: this needs to be fixed.

Redempteur3204d ago

i played 2 MAG betas ...for free like what ? 4 months ago ?

Now i know that the full game is 60$ ..

raztad3204d ago


Please elaborate more about what needs to be fixed in MAG.

madjedi3204d ago

@edge First post your psn name, so actual mag players can confirm that you actually play mag and not just full of sh^t.
Second stop the b*llshit attacks on sony fanboys, coming from an ms one will only make any valid points you make get ignored because you decided to be insulting to the opposite console base.

Now if you would have bothered to attemp to think about human nature you would have realized 360 fans of halo or big fans of anything will react in basically the exact same way, so singling out sony fanboys only, makes you look like a big ms fanboy.

Now exactly what is so bad with mag to you that it needs fixing, zipper just fixed a couple things, they nerfed the lmg long range accuracy, a couple of disarming charges glitches and the resuscitation not working if the player is submerged in water glitch.

Either post your name to prove your not a troll, and explain whats messed up with mag or leave, if you aren't a mag player you have no business in commenting on mag saying it needs changes.

nnotdead3203d ago

bought and enjoy MAG, but yes it still needs a lot more support for it to be worth $60. i knew coming in that this was true, and i took a chance on Zipper supporting MAG for a while. now that SOCOM 4 has been announced i am a little worried.

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Chadness3204d ago

If they can learn something from MAG to make Socom 4, all the more power to them.

IG_DARKSA1NT3204d ago

No doubt they can learn from MAG. I think SOCOM 4 will be a great game. Medal of Honor is the one I'm waiting for though!

Hitman07693204d ago

Yes, Medal of Honor is looking to be shaping up pretty good. I do think that Zipper has learned a lot making MAG, it is a great game but surely Zipper can take the strategic aspect of it a lot further in the future with Socom 4 (and possibly a MAG sequel some day). I hope that it turns out well and that they do things right this time, allowing Slant Six to create Socom: Confrontation was a horrible idea and that is putting it nicely.

iiprotocolii3204d ago

Medal of Honor is definitely the FPS I'm waiting for this fall. The game is looking to be absolutely amazing in every way.

Socom: Confrontation should have been done by Zipper. As a Socom launch on the PS3, I'd figure Sony would want to go with the very same people who've been doing it for so long. They dropped the ball there, but I'm happy to hear Zipper's on Socom 4.

Hitman07693204d ago

This should be a great look into how the strategic elements of MAG will benefit Zipper in experience for creating Socom 4.

IG_DARKSA1NT3204d ago

Definitely the year to be a FPS fan!