Essential PS3 Accessories For Fall Gaming

Okay look, the PS3's gaming library is about to get real heated. So it only makes sense that you have all the necessary gaming gear to get your game-on. Some of these items include a PS3 Dual-Charger AC and the PS3 Intercooler. And the good part is that you can already purchase these items from your local retailer.

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ASSASSYN 36o4188d ago

This is like beating up a little kid.

ITR4188d ago

This site only takes digs at Nintendo and MS.

ash_divine4187d ago

People only care when this site takes digs at Nintendo and MS.
It's funny how people can't stand it when it's not sony getting bashed. I guess I'm used to it being a Ps3 fan.

aggh im on fire4188d ago

I know some accesories that the PS3 is in need

Crazyglues4188d ago

they seriously need some games first so I can say I actually leave my PS3 on long enough for it to need a cooling unit.

the_round_peg4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

- duplicate -

Rockstar4188d ago

stay away from this pos no matter what console you own.

thezuur4187d ago

Its really not that bad. i know that pass-thru are not the best way. but i baby sat this thing for over a day checking it. making sure it was NOT heating up in some strange spot.

I'm very happy with it. (until i eat my words)

TheExecutive4188d ago

lol, there really isnt any need for the intercooler, plus it voids your warranty. the ps3 doesnt heat up enough to really really worry about it

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The story is too old to be commented.