"Microsoft's marketing isn't slimy, it's just bad."

Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins writes today about PR at Sony and Microsoft's game units, mostly talking about Sony's utterly inept attempts to get into blogging in a non-transparent fashion a year after things started going south. Then, he gets into Microsoft as a comparison, with a backhanded compliment that criticizes as well:

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BIadestarX4189d ago

"Instead, we get extended warranties, free repairs, extra heatsinks, and outright lies or no comments on failure rates. How about some honesty instead?" Yeah... Microsoft.. we don't want extended warranties... or free repairs... or even a solution to the problem... we want failure rates numbers! we want you to say... that the xbox 360 are a complete failure and that people should not buy your product! yes... just like every company does!... just like Sony did when so many PS2 were braking that they even... pull it off the market!
rolling my eye! sure.. that makes lots of sense... one would think that Jerry Holkins knows how the industry works... Microsoft will try to address the issues and keep the consumer happy by fixing their consoles for free while they find a solution that's costing them million... what kind of idiot will scream... that their product have issues so sells drops hit 0. Genious...

Hydrolex4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Microsoft is a snitch ! why ? Because it doesnt have anything by itself. All it does is copying from others and maybe sometimes improving. People trust it because it is the richest company so people think the products would be special,good and rich. Microsoft only thinks about money. How do I know ? For sure they puted junk on 360's. In 2007 breaking means snitching. everyday many 360s break and it hurts my heart to say this sh*t.

Examples :

Apple Ipod - Zune
PS2 - Xbox
PS3 - Xbox 360 Elite
Apple Windows - Vista
iPhone - Smart Phone
Blu-ray - HDDVD

the_round_peg4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Here are some MS innovations off the top of my head (some big, some small, some built on top of previous work, but lots of “innovations” in tech build on previous work):


* Web browser component usable by any app


* Spreadsheet Pivot Tables

* Tabbed spreadheets (yes, Microsoft was the first one to come out with tabs; since then, copied by other apps such as browsers)

* On-the-fly spell check in word processors

* LINQ (the upcoming tech that will be in C# 3.0 and VB9)

* Video codec innovations that have led to VC-1 being the premier codec for HD-DVD and BR discs.

* Mouse scroll wheels

* Mouse GoForward/GoBack buttons

* Ergonomic mice (I recall the days where you had to press down on a mouse while moving it in order to move the cursor; Microsoft ended that nonsense).

* Ergonomic keyboards

* Office 2007 UI

* Mac Office floating palette UI

* TerraServer (precursor of Virtual Earth, NASA WorldWind, Google Earth)

* Ability to alter compiled code while debugging it

* User Agents

* Wizards

* Intellisense

* Answer Wizard technology in Office Help

* ClearType

* TrueType (collaboration with Apple)

* Bob (yeah, it failed in the marketplace, but it was innovative (too much for its own good))

* Dynamic HTML desktops

* Taskbar

* Alt-Tab to switch apps

* Lots of small innovations in .NET that when combined equal large cumulative innovation.

* ActiveX (yes, it had security issues, particularly before XP SP2, but is great in an intranet setting)

* Net-DDE, the first tech to allow clipboard functionality over LAN

* Singularity

* Combining the Back and Forward history buttons into one navigation stack control in IE7

* Photosynth

* XPS (does everything that PDF does, adds graphical effects that PDF lacks, does it in a smaller file size, and does it using XML so the files can be manipulated via XML parsers)

* Windows Live Contacts (being developed by Danny Thorpe (legendary programmer at Borland, who jumped to Google, then 4 months later went to Microsoft))

* A bunch of little stuff in IM via MSN Messenger

* OneNote (I don’t think there’s any other app really like it (and those that try to be like it aren’t anywhere near as good), particuarly when used on a Tablet PC)

* Mac Word 2004’s notebook layout and microphone support

* Zune’s WiFi (yes, the RIAA only allowed 3play/3day sharing, but its use will grow into other areas)

* First console to have a harddrive (Xbox -- which PSX "copied")

* Browser runs in a sandbox (IE7 on Vista)

* First browser with anti-phishing tech

* Multi-core/CPU calculations in Excel 2007


* Vista’s ability to allow the user to increase RAM simply by plugging in a USB 2.0 flash drive

* First OS to support delayed clipboard rendering

* First OS to have a 3D Sound api for games

* Shadow Copy

* Media Center Extenders (which Apple's iTV looks to be a copy of)

There are more, but I'm not gonna list all of them.

You guys need to do some research or become more informed, and stop buying into the "Microsoft only copies and never innovates" propaganda/myth.

Microsoft has its shares of innovations, but most people are just not aware of it - or they just want to deny it because they have this irrational hatred towards Microsoft.

Microsoft is also completely inept when it comes to marketing its innovation and selling itself as an innovative companies. How many of those innovation in the list were you aware of before I told you? Microsoft needs to sake every single person in its marketing department.

Other companies (like Apple and Sony) have in fact "copied" ideas from Microsoft, just as Microsoft has copied idea from other companies. It's not unusual for companies to "copy" from each other.

Satanas4189d ago

Not going to get into this argument BUT I will point out a glaring error:

"Blu-ray - HDDVD"

MS has NOTHING to do with HD DVD, other than that they made an add on for the 360. So don't use that for your argument.

btw - I didn't disagree with either of you, just thought this should be corrected.

MADGameR4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

X Box 360 is almost done selling. The sales will begin falling when it reaches 20M. meanwhile, PS3 will go over 25+M. You 360 fans can cry about it all you want. But the point is, every other region 360 is getting pwned. The only country they can sell is here in the U.S. why? Prideful people anyone? PS3 does NOT have to outsell the 360 in the U.S. to win! This is the TRUTH that 360 fans never saw coming. Truth is, you've been comparing the 360's 1 year LEAD vs the PS3s only few months and say that the PS3 has NO games? Give it some TIME! How do you think X Box 360 has so many great games? TIME! Even though I AM NOT a fanboy, I respect all 3 MS,SONY and Nintendo. I like the way SONY handles interviews, especially when MS throws in a bunch of crap on their plate. SONY handles it maturely, calm and not in a hurry. While MS keeps saying ''Our console kick your console's ass!'' PURE IMMATURE! If you want to know who are the ones who are also immature? fanboys! All 3! X Box 360,PS3 and Wii fanboys!

lalaland4188d ago

Sorry, but I don't get your extensive list...

Half is wrong (starting with the first AJAX) and the other half are some of the worst things "invented"... Granted, MS has done a lot of things "right", but most has been copied from others and few are mentioned in your list.

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kingofps34189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Check it out. Some Xbot with his grandma in co-op play.

Edit: @ bladestar
What can I say, XROBOTS are lame. Also, about your lost minute.

"He who smiles in a crisis has found someone to blame." Don't blame me for it.

BIadestarX4189d ago

Why is it... that every anti-xbox video have to be lame and not funny? I want that minute of my life back!

SF49er4084189d ago

I think its alright, their clay commericial for shrek, pirates, and spiderman 3 is appealin, good beat and fun to watch. im surpirsed they havent been marketitng their console more

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