God of War III Ultimate Edition - Photos of the Pandora's box

Pics of the sculpted replica of Pandora's Box, included with the God of War 3 Ultimate Edition.

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FangBlade2912d ago

Very nice.
Who's the hot chick?

Cartesian3D2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

you think she is hot?
the only HOT thing in the picture is that BOX..

anyone knows how can I get one?

nycredude2912d ago

I got this shiat paid off!!!! Can't wait!

sikbeta2912d ago

nycredude, I HATE YOU Pal....

Nah... I just ENVY YOU... lol

This Ultimate Edition is Pure GOLD

Gaming FTW!!!

nycredude2912d ago

I am a huge GOW fan Had the Ps2 versions, traded in and bought the collection and played through again and I've recently paid off my preorder and I'm going to the midnight launch at gamestop. Can't wait!!!!!!!

For anyone who wants cheap sound system for the game. Check this out. The best 7.1 system with full receiver under $500!!!

chrisnick2912d ago

Is the box plastic or ceramic? I heard it was ceramic but it looks plastic there. Also, I preordered this from best buy but now walmart has it too. I did it on bestbuy because of the street week choice thing where it guarantees i'll get it by release date. Anyone else did this? Cuz I don't trust bestbuy one bit.

Voozi2912d ago

That's exactly what I want to know too, the material. Every time I ask on the PS Blog in GoW3 posts, Sony always skips past my post and answers someone elses generic question.

I'm going to assume the quality is plastic else they'd be gloating about it and what not.

Aclay2912d ago

@Voozi and ChrisNick,

I'm not sure what it's made of, but here is what one of the God of War 3 developers said about it:

"I’ve seen the final Pandora’s box, actually I’ve held it. No assembly will be required. It feels heavy and really well sculped, this is no Happy meal, cheap plastic box by any means."

Here's the link for reference: http://playstationlifestyle...

bacon132912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Hell yea, can't wait to pick mine up on midnight release. It will go perfectly with these... http://www.twiggystreasures...

Commander TK2912d ago

games were $60 here. God, u Americans r lucky...

DatNJDom812912d ago

Cant wait for mine to get in. paid and just waiting.

jmd7492912d ago

i can't freaking wait to get mine, pre-ordered it the day it was made available. :) :)
worth every freaking penny...

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fedex6822912d ago

I am getting this! The best $100 I have ever spent in my life!

People still searching for the Ultimate edition, EB games in Ottawa is still taking in pre-orders.

TANUKI2912d ago

@ fedex682

You're from Ottawa? Me too, lol.

And yes, best $100 I've spent this year!

Endless_X2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

~ The pics are from the game's presentation this morning in Madrid.

fedex6822912d ago

Wait? what is the special edition in North America then?

I am a little confused :-(

Endless_X2912d ago

"I am a little confused :-("

The Ultimate 'Trilogy' Edition is exclusive for Europe.

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The story is too old to be commented.