Xbox Live is so gay (and bi, lesbian and transgender too)

Gaming Target writes:

"Marc Whitten, the General Manager of Xbox Live, has posted a new letter to the community describing a change in the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. As of today, Xbox 360 owners will be able to describe themselves as straight, gay or bi in their Live profile or Gamertag."

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Mr_Bun2973d ago

Fantastic...They can now truncate their gamertags since "Gay" uses less characters than "Super" and "Fierce"

rroded2973d ago

dont worry most of dont bite unless you ask nicely ;)

KingJFS2973d ago

It really is embarassing how long it took. But I'm glad to see Microsoft finally did the right thing.

zoks3102973d ago

What is this a dating application or a game sever, who cares if you are gay or straight on Live, is that information ever necessary when playing video games?

inveni02973d ago

I don't care if anyone is gay anymore than if they're straight. The only reason people threw a fit about this is because they weren't allowed to do it. In reality, this will just open the door for homophobes to collectively launch attacks against gay players, prompting a bunch of false reports and unwarranted suspensions. Sure, gays should be allowed to say they're gay...I'm just not sure that the game--scratch that--I'm just not sure that the Live community is mature enough to handle the information.

I guess everyone will find out, though. Don't be surprised to see this decision repealed...

Mr_Bun2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I'm sure the community isn't mature enough, but more importantly, why would the GAMING community want to know where you slide your sausage?

Bottom line: If you are going to go out of your way to inform a bunch of strangers what your sexual preference is, don't expect them to be silent

HxCGamer2973d ago

def not mature enough, haha but c'mon just imagine all the new possibilities!!

2973d ago
Mr_Bun2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I don't want to imagine it, and I definitely don't want to be teabagged by your clan, lol!

LordMarius2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

yep this is going to end well

HxCGamer2973d ago

whats ur gamertag big boy ;]

and Mr Bun.. we'll be gentle lol

Tiberium2973d ago

can't they just leave your sexual preference out of the GT.

Mr_Bun2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

LMAO...I bet you will!
Remind me never to turn my back on you!

Aaroncls72972d ago

A person teabagging another person of the same sex has always been a gay activity, so yeah; most xbox/Halo players are gay...

If you are one of those online teabaggers, then you are a [email protected], sir.


sikbeta2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Must be a Pain for a dude who is gay, when a lot of dudes on Live scream gay or [email protected] and more [email protected] in every game, not talking about how bad-mouthing the crowd is, just pointing out that if a dude who is gay listen @ two kids using the word gay as an "Insult", it must make him feel bad, probably....


I remember a video on youtube about 2 guys playing F2 and then the guy who upload the Video, stop playing and wanted to quit, then the other guy started to talk to him with a feminine can be offensive and such but the video was a Huge

Gaming FTW!!!

HxCGamer2972d ago

"A person teabagging another person of the same sex has always been a gay activity, so yeah; most xbox/Halo players are gay...
If you are one of those online teabaggers, then you are a [email protected], sir."

dude its not gay if you are the one sucking it.. duh

pimpmaster2972d ago

wow, MS always does this bs to steal money. now all the gay people are gonna have to pay 800 points to change their GT back to what it used to be.

SilentNegotiator2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

That just means more hateful talk and awkward teens trying to find people on teh internets.

They should have stayed with the old policy. I'm all for freedom of speech, but some discussion just doesn't belong to certain situations.

edgeofblade2972d ago

Toulouse recently gave an interview for G4 where he spells it out that NOTHING in Live moderation is automatic (not even getting people to "help" you change your gamertag). So, no, people might gang-up on people who are homosexual, but it won't lead to unwarranted suspensions. It might lead to suspensions against people who abuse the reporting system, though...

JackBNimble2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

This is really odd!

I would like to know why homosexuals feel the need to tell the gaming world their sexual preference? You never see straight gamers labeling themselves do you? Why? Because it doesn't matter.

So we have gay gamer groups, girl gamer groups now all we need to do now is make straight gamer groups.....But then again if we straight people did that it would probably be considered offensive towards the gay community.

menoyou2972d ago

This is just plain gay. Microsoft should have stuck to their guns but I guess no one has the balls to stand up to politically correct cry baby activist groups these days.

irepbtown2964d ago

So i write about what i think of Gays Bis etc and it gets deleted?

F***king hell, and
I own a PS3 and my Gamertag has got nothing to do with you or this thread, so stop being perverted ok?

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LordMarius2973d ago

now all the N4G bots have the freedom to express themselves. lol

dangert122973d ago

did microsoft excite you?

SilentNegotiator2972d ago

Can I identify Xbox LIVE as "gay" too?

irepbtown2964d ago

What's wrong with posting on both zones?

Have you got no life? Do you check peoples comments constant?
Wake up man,

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LordMarius2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

MS should stop providing headsets with their consoles cuz this could turn ugly for some of the N4G folks


Aaroncls72972d ago

Lesbian clan is win.

Machoish women wielding rifles = hawt. As long as they're not fat and hideous. Sign me up, b!tches.

irepbtown2964d ago

This would be a funny story if it happened,

Some kid aged 10 gets an Xbox, and headset. He plays MW2 or w.e and some bloke adds him, he accepts. Just as he clicks the profile to check who the bloke is, his mom comes in, she reads and sees that he is Gay.

Just imagine that,

2973d ago
HxCGamer2973d ago

totally starting a gay clan.. lol

yea im immature..

STICKzophrenic2972d ago

You should come to the immaturegamer forums then!


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