Top Ten 80's Cartoons That Deserve Video Games

The 1980s gave us Duran Duran, yuppies, the Rubik's Cube and the Nintendo Entertainment System. The "Me decade" also spawned memorable cartoons, many which carved a permanent spot in our generation's pop culture psyche.

Here's a list of 10 classic '80s cartoons in dire need of a video game revival.

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Eclipticus4182d ago

a few of these games might be interesting? why are they not games yet?
GI JOE... ghost recon type?
Fraggle Rock?? worms type?
and maybe thundercats
and He-man.

InMyOpinion4181d ago

There are He-man games for both the Ps2 and the Commodore 64. GI Joe, Thundercats and M.A.S.K. all have games on the C-64. The guy who wrote this article needs to sort his stuff.

Seraphim4182d ago

Obviously GI Joe, Thundercats and some others would be cool. Voltron could be if updated quite a bit. Plus imagine this, Kojima working on Voltron. Zone of Enders was a solid title. Picture using it as a base for Voltron... Danger Mouse though, I totally forgot about that cat, or mouse rather...

Captain Tuttle4182d ago

No "Thundar the Barbarian"?

Skynetone4182d ago

strength of the bear
eyes of the hawk


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