IGN: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Review - Score: 9.3

Now the title gets its third release in Ninja Gaiden Sigma exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Sigma is essentially a remix of the original game and Black, offering up some of Black's additions like the Mission mode, while going back to the original's difficulty level (though it's still certainly not easy). There are also new enemies to be found, some new areas, various gameplay tweaks and, most notably, the ability to play as Rachel.

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Violater4188d ago

it scores .1 less than the previous versions.

tethered4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

So what you are getting at is that they are comparing the PS3 version to the X-BOX version and they are saying its not as good?

Haha! If you believe they were comparing the two games on different formats, think again.

9.0 - Presentation
A brilliant package, Ninja Gaiden was made to suit a variety of gamers (just not overprotective mothers). Varied weapons, smart mechanics, and online tourneys.

10 - Graphics
You've got eyes don't you? Running at a solid 60 fps, it's fast-paced, filled with interesting enemies and a variety of locales, is beautifully designed and has loads of heads flying off.

8.0 - Sound
The weapons each sound unique and enemies have nice squeals, but the English dub is pretty weak. The range of the score is impressive, but a greater variety in sound effects would have helped.

9.0 - Gameplay
Granted there are some camera problems and some annoying things that happen near the end of the game, but overall this is a masterpiece for an action game. It's Prince of Persia with a sack.

10 - Lasting Appeal
Not only is it 20 hours long, but there's new challenges in the online tourneys and plenty of reasons to play through again. This alone will get you through the dog days of summer.

8.5 - Presentation
The story doesn't make much sense and the cutscenes weren't re-rendered for HD, but everything else is slick as oil.

8.0 - Graphics
Extremely clean visuals that look fantastic but aren't as awe-inspiring as other ground-up PS3 games.

9.0 - Sound
Spectacular music and movie-quality sound effects.

9.5 - Gameplay
The new segments with Rachel are only okay, but the core Ryu stuff is nearly as good as it gets.

8.0 - Lasting Appeal
A lengthy single-player game will keep you hooked for a while, and the Mission mode will pick up where that leaves off.

If you look at the wording you will see that they were not comparing the two.
The PS3 version was being compared to other games running on the PS3.

DrWan4188d ago

of course they are not comparing the two versions, these are different editors reviewing as well. Most of the PS3 guys migrated from PS2 camp.

tethered4188d ago

To the people that disagree with me, you are complete idiots!

You actually believe they are comparing the games on the two different systems? The PS3 and the X-BOX?


Thats one of the funniest thing I have ever heard!


Satanas4188d ago

"The story doesn't make much sense"

Seriously, there's so much crap in the story that makes you go "WTF?," I hope they at least flushed it out to something reasonable. Reading all those damn books in the original game is not a great way of unfolding the story line, especially since they had no flow whatsoever.

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Hydrolex4188d ago

But that game sucks ! LOL Ninja life and sabres ? lol sabres in 2007 means Get that wack sh*t of VBD

pilotpistolpete4188d ago

What in god's name did you just say?

Gamingisfornerds4187d ago

"I'm a silly fanboy and just the idea of this game being based on an Xbox title is enough for me to hate it. Regardless of the fact that it's known as one of the best action/adventure games ever."

Mr_Kuwabara4188d ago

Exactly and not only that but the graphics, even though they are pretty stunning are outdated and really doesn't fit next gen graphics like Lair or Heavenly Sword for example. The Sound is understandable since the Blu-Ray disc helps a lot in this department because of the large amount of disk space. But overall it's still a great game for newcomers and oldies alike.

hazeblaze4188d ago

It's a brilliant game. At it's core, it's pretty much just a visually improved version that feels like it moves a bit faster or fluidly. But maybe b/c I haven't played it in so long or maybe b/c of the graphical overhaul... the experience definitely seems better than the 1st and 2nd times around.

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