Konami vs. Capcom

Head on over to source right now as the battle progresses between Konami and Capcom. Which company have more substance ?

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The Snake4185d ago

This is a tough one. Going into it, I was Capcom all the way considering my taste for their last gen and current gen offerings. Don't get me wrong. I love MGS but Resident Evil, Dead Rising, DMC, Okami, etc. are just more my thing. But after watching the video I realize my childhood was quite a bit more Konami oriented. Overall, this is a tough call for me. I'm still going to give it to Capcom for now, but this video really did a good job closing the gap for Konami in my eyes.

Lex Luthor4185d ago

Very, Very tough. But i'm going for Capcom simply because they have more lovable franchises than Konami and have brung innovation to gaming with titles such as Street Fighter 2 which revoltionised the fighting genre and Resident Evil for the survival horror.

REbirth4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

i go for konami...cus it has pes (winning eleven) that is the one best seller games here in the old continent...and has a game that i love much more than DMC and RE...mgs! and has a real classic... castlevania! never been a huge fan of street fighter...

what is next? square vs enix :P

Marona4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

I find this really really hard to choose.... I'll stay with both of them, their both great companies. I have played more Capcom games than Konami.... but Konami still has alot of fun games that I own. :<

REbirth, ROFL yes! I'd like to see that :P

BIadestarX4184d ago

how can someone pick between this two companies? Gaming would not be they same without the game that they both made.

Today is a different story thought.... if you have a PS3 you will prefer Konami for obvious reasons(MGS).... if you own an xbox 360 you will love Capcom since they are bringing lots of games exclusive to the xbox 360.

Sad.... today... it's all about hardware... I remember the days... when all we had to do is pick games...

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