Five Failings of Final Fantasy XIII

Sky Taylor @ AddictedtoGaming writes: I am currently a few hours into FFXIII and already there are a few things that Squeenix have decided to do differently that I really wish they hadn't. I realise that a lot of below may change the more I play FFXIII and I desperately hope it does. For now, my first impressions still stand.

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prettyboy12934d ago

yeah1through 5
4.multiplatform towns
there that was simple
ps im a mothaf%%kin realist

JustSkylarkin2934d ago

Err, my article said nothing of the sort.

Udidntlistenpunk2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

This must be gamers English. Because to the rest of the world, this guy is almost illiterate.

JustSkylarkin2934d ago

This comment amuses me greatly! I honestly do know how you could call me illiterate.