Rainbow Six Vegas Black Pack + Red Pack now FREE on Marketplace starting June 30th writes:
"Ubi has send me the official word on the RSV Black Pack (which went MIA earlier this week) and it is good news:

'Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Black Pack Downloadable Content for Xbox 360 Live was originally intended to be free content for the fans of Rainbow Six Vegas. We apologize for the error. All players who purchased the Black Pack will be reimbursed automatically. The Black Pack will be posted Saturday June 30th and will be free of charge. Also, as a token of our appreciation for the Rainbow Six community, we are making the Red Pack free as of Friday July 6th as well. Thanks for playing and we hope you enjoy this free content."

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soldier sean4188d ago

Even though i purchased both , atleast i will get reimbursed for one of them , this rocks !

Im really glad they are doing this , Thanks Ubisoft , that was a classy move. It was a sucky feeling knowing that i have all these extra maps and the cheapo's out there werent buying them leaving me nobody to play against. This will definitely bring them out in droves to play the new maps , making my road towards Elite (im a major now) that much more enjoyable , seeing that everyone just stuck to those old default maps which started to get boring awhile ago even though i still love them .

THanks ubisoft , once again , we appreciate this.

Soldier sean .

R69L4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Soldier sean I have to agree with you on this, now we will have more people to kill it hit a bro up,I host all the time with a full room,of course I don't have any lag in my room.


Schmitty074188d ago

I decided not to buy the packs because I don't play the game anymore, but now I'll have a reason to.

ichimaru4188d ago

this is uber cool. its about time something worth downloading was free. take notes microsoft and keep it up

toughNAME4188d ago

but MS admitting a error?
how rare is that?

(personally, the fact that MS has no balls doesnt bother me...since im on my launch 360:D)

TruthHurts4188d ago

"personally, the fact that MS has no balls doesnt bother me"


toughNAME4187d ago

you now ignored by SIX people

bung tickler4188d ago

hmm.. so why would anyone buy the ps3 version... can someone please explain that to me? ubi kinda kicked themselves in the nuts here didn't they? i mean its gonna be real hard to push the ps3 version now... how they gonna make their money back from spending all that time porting it? if joe blow goes out to the store and say hmm i could buy version a on the 360 and get better online play, and less jaggies/smoother framerate, better lighting, and achievements.... or i could get version b on the ps3... hmm choices, choices...

dodgefate4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

As bad as it sounds it would not be free if the ps3 version was not free, how messed up does that sound 1 console makes you pay an 1 does not for same stuff.

People would buy ps3 version cause:

a) not everyone has a xbox
b) still has 1 ps3 only map
c) something new to ps3 even tho it is not a good port

An even tho this was not said from M$ or Ubi I will belive it when I see it cause this was on xbox forums this morning by just a user an no link to prove it, an M$ is the last! company in the word to give back few million.

Ignorant Fanboy4187d ago

What about the people that only have a PS3??

Should they still buy the 360 Version? Will it work in a PS3?

You make no sense, If they have both systems, ubisoft will get paid for which ever version they buy, it doesnt matter, they get paid either way.

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The story is too old to be commented.