Medal of Honor: Airborne Trailer and Designer Diary #2 - Ultimate Freedom

It's safe to say that World War II shooters have been in a rut these last few years. Let's face it: Even in that most expansive conflict, there are only so many battles you can re-create in video game form before you start treading the same ground over again. That's why Medal of Honor: Airborne's designers stopped looking for new battles and started looking at the old ones from a new angle -- namely, an overhead angle. Airborne will place you in the role of a US Army paratrooper and give you the choice to control where you land on the battlefield, and in what manner you approach your objectives. It's an attempt to remove the stifling linearity of most "cinematic" first-person shooters, and creative director Jon Paquette is here to explain more about the freedom this new system will give you to operate on your own terms.

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Hydrolex4182d ago

They just use 2007 graphic editors and improve the graphic ! That's ALL

THE HIVE MIND4182d ago

yes thats right you are very homo erotic
anyway i think the game is freeekin sweet
check that out man that thompson you can see the branding
i think moh is here to take the crown from cod 2
i thought HOV would do it but midway jizzed all over the controls

Rhezin4182d ago

Yah so true. This game WILL be sweet it's MoH and they're always good games but now this is a good games but with some sweet ass graphics and parachuting wherever onto a level.