Will Sony's Long-Term Vision Pay Off?

DFC Intelligence asks if Sony's "slow and steady" PlayStation 3 strategy is enough to fend off increasing competition from Microsoft and Nintendo.

This time last year DFC Intelligence asked the question: "Could Sony go from First to Worst?" At the time they were just raising the issue of whether both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii could possibly beat the PlayStation 3 (PS3) in this new generation of systems. This was a period when Sony seemed to have a stranglehold grip on the console market and thus merely raising the possibility of a third place PS3 finish attracted attention. A year later, the PS3 is in third place and now all kinds of people are questioning Sony's strategy. However, from the perspective of DFC Intelligence, they would now answer the question "could Sony go from first to worst" with a hedging "probably not."

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bung tickler4184d ago

no. i remember reading a while back, long before the ps3 and even before the 360 launched that sony had stated if they even lost 1% of the market they would see that as a failure, that they planned only to improve their market dominance and that no one would buy either M$'s or Nintendo's systems.... and where are they now? IN DEAD FVCKING LAST! going from first to last means it didn't fvcking work. thats why they pushed ken out the door, he failed them because he let the ps3 fail. end of story. argue all you want you fanboy [email protected] its just how it is. so enjoy your blu-ray player but i hate to break it to you games are the future not movies, too bad the ps3 was built with the wrong media in mind.

TheIrishNinja4183d ago

You know, you should really get off of MS once in a while and come up for air, you might choke.
So great to hear input from someone who's clearly never even seen the system, let alone played a game. I appreciate your username at least letting me know what to expect from your post.

Anyway, yeah, i agree: PS3 needs a price cut and its fall lineup of games more than anything.

PSTripleOG4183d ago

CHOKE ON MY C*CK!!!! look down!!!!!!!!!!

Its simple xbots..
360.. i mean 180 = crappy hardware.. Don't expect MSG4 on The Ringer cause it ain't powerful enough..
Ya'll better get used to 1 hour campaign games with same environments from start to finish... "IF" and only if, you can play at least 10 minutes of a game without wrapping your precious 180 with a towel..
Crappy system, OH yerr, Your mother was great the other night, tell her to stop changing lipstick, my d!ck is like a rainbow

bung tickler4183d ago

did i hite a nerve? haha... it hurts knowing you spent $200 more on sh!ttier system.

Also Known As4183d ago

It's time for everyone to face the facts ok?, this is not about wether you like sony or microsoft its simply about which machine is the best for the industry. In other words, which console the industry preffers. I wont say which one that is , i'll just state the facts and you all will know which when you read them all.

We have to start by looking at the last generation.

Reasons why the ps2 became so popular:

*First off it fed off of the momentum of the ps1, and the ps1 became popular itself for several reasons but i'll just mention probably the most significant one:

I dont really know how different the graphics between the saturn and the ps1 where as I never really got to see the saturn in action but i know one thing, the saturn was a big bulky box and the ps1 was relatively small and sexy, it had a very cutting edge design for that time. And wether you want to accept it or not that is important and is one of the many reasons why the ps2 was more popular than the xbox1.

The ps2 was also relatively small (and became even smaller later) also it had something that made it "hip". You could stand it on its side like a book to save space. That hadnt been done before. In contrast the xbox1 was a "big bulky box" that weighed like crazy and took up a ton of space and you couldnt stand it on its side, in other words not sexy at all. The only thing that saved the xbox1 was its selling point: raw power (for that generation anyways) and microsoft's deep pockets.

So now we are here in the next generation and things are completely different than before. this time the "big bulky box" is the ps3 (even bigger than the original xbox) also its not even symetrical anymore. When you go to gamestop or any video game store the ps3 are displayed on their sides because that is its best side. Face it it cannot compete with the 360 when it comes to aesthetics. On top of that just like in the last generation the ps2 came out first and was cheaper to develop for. This time its the 360 thats in that position. Who do you think the developers (industry)are going to preffer? Also in the last generation the xbox had much better graphics than the ps2 and yet it was the same price. This time the difference in graphics is not as great as last gen and yet the 360 is significantly cheaper.

So in conclusing:
I'm not necessarily saying that its all over for the playstation but i dont see them winning this round especially if the 360 will always beat it when it comes to price. Maybe next gen.

I could end up being wrong but i honestly dont see a reason why i should cause logic just doesnt dictate it.

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no_more_heroes4184d ago

'cuz as much as I'm disappointed with what the ps3 has been offering, Its almost guaranteed that it will get MUCH better. The question is, how long will that take? Sony don't exactly have all the time in the world to fix things this time. I'm waiting until that ludicrous price is at least chopped in half.

Systematrix4184d ago

I think Blu-Ray will play a surprisingly big role in PS3's success if it continues to win the format war. PS3 needs to start cranking out the big games too.

genericname4184d ago

its becoming obvious who has the better console which can only improve with the future......good job Sony.

Borg4184d ago

The PS3 does need a price cut. The PS3 does need more games, especially great exclusive games. I agree that if blu-ray wins the format war this can only help the PS3. Your average Joe would look at it as a better value, even if the price remains on the higher end. I think alot of people have underestimated the PS3 and Sony itself.

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