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Heavy Rain Review: OXCGN's Steal It for 360?


"Is this one title that would have made all 360 owners wet?

Heavy Rain is Quantic Dream's latest idea of turning an A Grade movie styled experience into an interactive, chair gripping adventure. While this is not a direct sequel to their 2005 cult classic Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain further develops, refines and reinvents the game play formula building on Fahrenheit for the better." (Heavy Rain , PS3)
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BadCircuit  +   2091d ago
I've heard some good and some really really bad about this game but would love to have been able to play it on my 360.

Of course my PS3 friends (some of whom didn't like it at all) said it would never be able to run on 360, but pffff whatever...
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Godem  +   2091d ago
I think the upcoming God of War 3 and superior FF13 version are also very tempting reasons to invest in a PS3. Now im a 360 gamer primarily, but the exclusives just keep getting better for Sony at the moment.
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GiantEnemyCrab  +   2091d ago
So Press Agree you have to work for Sony so I just wonder why they don't give you a lesson on how to type a comment post. You ever heard of a line break? How about a paragraph?

This is why I reported this story.. This is the kind of crap this story invites.. You aren't selling anyone a PS3 here..

I have an idea 360 owners.. Go outside, pour a bucket of water over your head, play Ninja Blade and then watch the end of Old Yeller.

You got your Heavy Rain..

(and yes I own this game on the PS3 and am finding it boooring and tedious)
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2091d ago
I approved, only because crab was crying so much.

mal_tez92  +   2091d ago
this game isn't my cup of tea.
I just hate the limited interactivity. The fight scenes and other action scenes look really cool, but the gameplay mechanics of these parts are just press a button as it appears on screen. I would prefer it if the action was more interactive.

The same goes for God of War 3. The level of action going on is amazing, there is so much cool stuff happening that I can't believe it at times. However, the gameplay mechanics are simply buttonmashing and QTE's (based on the demo). I would much rather it be a more interactive experience, where hte fun doesn't just come what you're seeing, but how you interact with the game as well.
Bnet343  +   2091d ago
This game was not made for everyone, so I can't blame some people for not liking it. The graphics are very good though, as well as the story and dialogue. I can see how someone might find it boring. It's not your typical video game.
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JoySticksFTW  +   2091d ago
Gotta say that I love these "Steal it for 360?" pieces
These guys obviously love their 360's, but are not so brainwashed that they won't admit that there are greats on other systems as well.

I got my PS3 first, but eventually got a 360 and Wii to play their great exclusives.

I actually think the console war is funny. The ApocalyPS3 comments have been hilarious. But seeing articles like this is refreshing and shows that there are still true gamers out there on both sides of the fence.
Godem  +   2091d ago
I'm glad 360 gamers can also enjoy this great game. I really loved it.

Gotta agree though the first 2 hours were quite a pain. And im not looking forward to redoing them again on my second play through.
gaminoz  +   2091d ago
They can only enjoy it if they have a PS3....

Still Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake etc. are still good upcoming games for 360.

Heavy Rain is still a game I'd like to try, so I'm glad I have both 360 and PS3.
gaminoz  +   2091d ago
Ooops just realised I said 'upcoming games' when Mass Effect 2 has been out for ages :)
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2091d ago
You don't need an X to play SC, ME2, also it is for PC.

But hey, people think is only for consoles.
Immortal Kaim  +   2091d ago
After I beat ME2, I'm going to play Heavy Rain (looks amazing), then I'm on to FFXIII...Too many games
Grown Folks Talk  +   2091d ago
I enjoyed it.
Got through it quicker than I expected to, but I did play in pretty sizable chunks. I don't know if i'll play through the entire game again, or just do individual chapters over. Nice thing about owning both systems is I get to partake in whatever draws my interest. Personally, Splinter Cell is the only game that I would make sure to have a system for if were exclusive.
gaminoz  +   2091d ago
People I know who have played it say it is pretty amazing. They are still deciding between PC and 360 version though.
Grown Folks Talk  +   2091d ago
360 for me.
The only stuff I play on pc is things like Still Life, peggle, ect.
Seraphemz  +   2091d ago
Im completely into the story... even though I ( think ) know who the killer is ( fn spoiler j@ckhole, i hope you die )

I dont remember the last time I was actually nervous about trying to keep my character alive.

Sorry GEC, this game is really good.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2091d ago
And that's totally cool. I loved Indigo Prophecy but this game didn't click with me as much. But if you like it and I know many others did that is awesome. QD still rock and I love them for the risks they take.
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Infernostew  +   2091d ago
I don't understand how you could love Indigo Prophecy and not like Heavy Rain. I mean Heavy Rain is pretty much Indigo Prophecy with a much better story and characters. I prefer the QTE arrangement in Heavy Rain to Indigo Prophecy. There really isn't too much of a difference between the two game... except that Indigo Prophecy was on Xbox... hmm.
Seraphemz  +   2091d ago
Hey, i love Heavy Rain, and I think that its a much better story than Indigo, but i can see where people might like IP and not HR.

From what i remember, cause its been a while, IP had a bit different feel to it. I know that it had QTE but not as much as Heavy Rain.

But, to me... its not a bad thing. I love both games, and like QEC said... i think QD is awesome.

I will buy anything that they make.
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sparta76  +   2091d ago
CRabs mad cause it doesn't have a 360 logo!

This game is awsome!! Stop playing me2 and I haven't looked back..
On my 3rd play, if u can't afford it, just rent it!! Trust me you'll love it!!!!
God_Of_Epicness  +   2091d ago
I cant sign in to PSN just now. Wtf is happening guys? I know it's about that time zone thing but i thought the problem was solved?
talltony  +   2091d ago
It's your connection
I sign in fine with fat ps3
gaminoz  +   2091d ago
Don't know...I can't use my saved games for Uncharted 1 anymore even though they are still reading as there on my media bar???? The game only comes up "new game" and "options". WTF
talltony  +   2091d ago
Ok here is what you do
Go to the xmb and go to your trophy picture and press triangle on it and then click sync with server. Make sure u quit the game first. If it works bub me up!
gaminoz  +   2091d ago

If that last comment was for me...I tried it and it didn't work. Thanks for the suggestion though! Bubbles for trying to be helpful.
talltony  +   2091d ago
sorry it didnt work
keep looking into it i guess, I doubt its your ps3 though. After the ps3 clock glitch my heavy rain trophies were all gone and the exact same thing happened to me. Well anyways good luck.
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Superduper09  +   2091d ago
Heavy Rain starts off very slowly however after the first few chapters the pace really picks up. I am still enjoying it very much despite having completed the game multiple times.
Faztkiller  +   2091d ago
I really like OXCGN reviews they need a PS3 site Then review all PS3 games
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XboxOZ360  +   2091d ago
Thanks mate, we're gamers first and foremost, and will always play games on more than one platform, and give them airing where needed. Thing is, I believe if you are to run a multiplatform site, then you need a team who can dedicate their time to both or all platforms equally.

That is not possible for us, so we concentrate on one and do our level best with that, then take time to apply a decent focus on selected titles from different platforms.

It's how we prefer to do it - for the time being anyhow.
Seraphemz  +   2091d ago
That is really awesome..i wish more people were as openened minded as you guys...lol.

I can appreciate your views, im a PS3 only guy, that would love to be able to play ME2 and Alan Wake.
XboxOZ360  +   2091d ago
@ Seraphemz
This game, and several others would have me buy a PS3 - if I could afford one. They are still not cheap here in Australia, especially given the cost of other platforms . . .

That said, when I do get one, I'll certainly be playing this, as it is an 'acquired taste' - like good wine.

Many gamers were perhaps expecting - well - a "game", not so much an interactive CGI - Quicktime movie, which Heavy Rain is.

Not that there is anythiNg wrong with that. It serves the purpose for which it was made, and why it was made. Hopefully some other adventurous developers might take a leaf and follow suit.

But I seriously doubt it, given that while the game is great, it certainly will not sell in the numbers needed to recoup the huge expense laid out on it over the last several years.

Gamers these days are fickled ppl, and buy games more on a whim that for the story or depth, which is a sad thing really, as by doing so, they miss out on experiencing what a game is really designed to do, entertain and involve you, which is what Heavy Rain does.
Persistantthug  +   2091d ago
I really want this game, but I'm out of money.
BF:BC2 is all I can afford right now. :(
lolcatz  +   2091d ago
Hardly. Fairly overhyped IMO.
SnukaTheMan  +   2091d ago
I have read more points arguing that this game sucked.....
More people complain the game is boring...why would it come to xbox 360....200K for the first week is poor also....there is no chance this is coming.
BooBaggins  +   2091d ago
I am a 360 owner and i have a ps3. Sucks to be those without one.
maximus1985  +   2091d ago
heavy rain
i also have heavy rain and im a big fan of ps3. but i gotta admit as good as the game is its short.

i beat it in 6 hours and i didnt feel like i was rushing. even the dlc i just downloaded was only one stage. so i hate to say it but its not worth the 60 plus i payed.

its a great game but those of you interested should rent it, its just too short.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2091d ago
You have more than 4 endings, so it will take more than 6 hours.

And yes, is worth the 60 bucks.
sparta76  +   2091d ago
@1985 how the hell u beat the game in 6 hours?!?
Did u kill everyone?
I'm on my 3rd play man, and is longer then 6 hours.
jdktech2010  +   2091d ago
Meh, it was an intense experience but it was something I only wanted to play once....I Gameflyed it and I'm glad mainly because I didn't have the drive to do most of the same QTE's again for a slightly different story (probalby different ending but there's 7 hour of QTEs before that)

It's a great game that should be played by everyone but I recommend a rent and it's nothing that would make me extremely upset if I only owned a 360 (GOW 3 would do that but I have both so I'm golden)
REALgamer  +   2091d ago
I bought Heavy Rain on day 1...
But it wasn't for me. I kind of got bored, there was a lot of mundane chores that I wouldn't want to do in real life and certainly not when I sit down to play. Might be better with the PlayStation Arc (or whatever it'll be called) but I didn't really get immersed.

On the other side I know a ton of people who loved Heavy Rain. Just a shame it wasn't for me. =( Ah well, God of War 3, Halo: Reach, Alan Wake and FFXIII still to look forward to! We're being seriously spoiled for choice this year.
MichaelD1989  +   2091d ago
I love both my PS3 and Elite
But the Ps3 is my Baby :) im getting this game next week can't wait. Ps3 and 360 owners should own both consoles if money isn't an issue go for it....Don't listen to fanboy crap! Think for yourselves.

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