Ted Price: PS3 Has Become 'Whipping Boy' for Press

Ted Price (right), Insomniac Games' CEO doesn't think the media has given the PlayStation 3 a fair shake. He said it and Sony have become the "whipping boy" for the press, but he's confident the console will have a fantastic Christmas. He also talks about the leap Ratchet & Clank has made over Resistance.

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StrboyM3795d ago

Hes, right. but, but.. its so .. fun!!

To Whip it!

Whip it good!

fenderputty3795d ago

into shape ... I'm happy.

kingofps33795d ago

Hey, the people in the media need to pay their bills. Sony is the platform from which these people feed off. Everybody knows Sony sells. So, why not talk about Sony.

Also, since Sony, have been enjoying "pretty amazing success over the years", everybody now looks up to them.

Plus, Xbots need something to do while their 360 is off to Prague for repair/replacement.

toughNAME3795d ago

never accepting...just ignoring

theres the sony fanboy philosophy

TruthHurts3795d ago

thats the Maple Leafs fan boy philosophy.

Torch3795d ago


power of Green 3795d ago

Its what they say and claim Sony reminds people a george W bush and staff; think of the public as dems and Europeans.

hikikimori3795d ago

Hey, don't you have a game of Gears Of Slowdown to pay?

XbugPosse3795d ago

Buddy you better don't waste your time, but go and play your Xbox 3fixme ;-)

hazeblaze3795d ago

That was funny... I'm going to have bite that.

no_more_heroes3795d ago

It was supposed to kill all other competition and do all this amazing stuff from day 1 remember?

Itachi3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

dude you do know you spelt arsene wenger wrong right or are u taking the pee at of the best club in the world with the greatest stadium ever created

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The story is too old to be commented.