Nintendo WiiWare FPS Games Data: Aliens vs. Waterguns? says in one section, "Onslaught had 99,778 Total Hours reported this week, an increase of 1,305 hours from last week.
Water Warfare had 60,943 total hours reported this week, an increase of 1,340 hours."

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SpoonyRedMage3183d ago

Hmm, I would have thought Water Warfare would have more players because it's generally considered better.

The only bad thing is that it usually takes a while to get into a match.:(

If you manage to get one going though it's immense fun. I should really exchange friend codes with some peeps.:P

CoffeewithChess3183d ago

A guy from another site said the same thing about it taking a while getting into matches now.

tunaks13183d ago

i enjoyed Onslaught, it was some good mindless fun!

CoffeewithChess3183d ago

How long would you say the campaign is in hours to complete?

readiandnot3181d ago

Maybe we should get Water Warfare and exchange codes with some others.
It looks like a decent game for the price.