Uwe Boll: Postal One of the Best Films of All Time

Haven't you heard? Not only is Uwe Boll's adaptation of the Postal series full of controversial subject matter, but it's also "one of the best films of all time," according to the director himself.

Bollbashers links to a translated interview with Boll, where he remarks that Postal received a standing ovation at the Cannes film festival and "no other film has ever been applauded there since it's all business people who attend the screenings." Kevin Smith might have something contradictory to say about that, though.

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Legionaire20054189d ago

Uwe Boll is known to be horrible with movies!!!! Hope he doesn't direct Halo or Gears of War!!!! He will ruin the games reputation.

InMyOpinion4188d ago

Why do they let him direct movies at all after what he's done?

aggh im on fire4187d ago

The man shouldn't be allowed near a camera full stop. He has single handedly destroyed any credibility that gaming had in Hollywood, he is a buffon with no imagination and even less talent. At least Ed Woods pictures had charm.