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Submitted by AliTheBrit19 2171d ago | news

Baby Starves To Death While Parents Raise Virtual Child

A man and a woman have been arrested for letting their infant daughter starve to death while they raised a virtual child in the online game PRIUS. The Korean couple, known only as the Kims, returned home after a 12-hour gaming session at a "PC Bang" Internet parlor to find their baby dead. Tests confirmed the child had died of malnutrition. (Culture)

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ClownBelt  +   2172d ago
WTF? Those two are dumbasses.
FangBlade  +   2172d ago
death penalty
AliTheBrit19  +   2172d ago
Yeah its about as sick as it gets, do they have capital punishment in Korea?
UnSelf  +   2172d ago
death penalty?
then who's goin to raise the virtual child?

nah but seriously this is disgusting but i wish ppl would lstop screaming death penalty at every turn like thats goin to somehow subdue ppl from doin outrageous crimes

These ppl should spend the rest of life in prison, allowed to live to remember the suffering the caused others.

Sadly, if Korea is anything like America, this may only be classified as Negligible Homicide and they may only get Murder 2 or even Man 1
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pangitkqb  +   2172d ago
Starve them to death.
And beat them up if they cry.
Greywulf  +   2171d ago
"death penalty?
then who's goin to raise the virtual child?

Holy..#$@?#%@3...'re going to hell..
mcnablejr  +   2171d ago
i love the *insert clearly innapropriate comment* followed by ''nar but seriously''..
FamilyGuy  +   2171d ago
Wait a second
The kid was left at home alone?

Why didn't the chicks parents feed it while they were gone so long?

Geez, they admitted to feeding it rotten powered milk too...
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deafwing  +   2171d ago
WTF ... that's in-human.
mcnablejr  +   2171d ago
or was it meant to be a pun?
Megaton  +   2171d ago
I remember a very similar article awhile back about some WoW addicts who let their baby starve to death cause they didn't wanna stop playing. These instances both remind me of the scene in Trainspotting where the woman discovers that her baby is dead after much neglect from doing junk. Very sad.
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deafwing  +   2171d ago
take your pick -

inhuman - Lacking kindness, pity, or compassion; cruel.
inhumane - Lacking and reflecting lack of pity or compassion;

according to so perhaps they fit both.
sikbeta  +   2171d ago
AH...GOD... couple of Idiots!..Now Zealots and Dinosaurs will point with their finger and blame everything Game-Related
Pebz  +   2171d ago
"I am for the death penalty. Who commits terrible acts must get a fitting punishment. That way he learns the lesson for the next time."
- Britney Spears

Not like such punishment will prevent this from happening again in other cases either, because I'm pretty sure someone who forgets that their baby is home alone and starving is not really in a clear state of mind and "oh, I could get the death penalty for this" is the last thing they are thinking about.

I'm suspecting there is more to it than "evil parents that deserve to die", like perhaps them raising a virtual daughter cause they didn't know how to raise a real one and were trying to learn. Or perhaps just plain gaming addiction, which I'm sure most here have experienced at some level, that at a serious level can make someone forget pretty much everything else.

Such things happen, and no punishment or examples set will change that, because in most cases it's a symptom of a problem, not the root of the problem itself.
Raz  +   2171d ago
@ 1.13
Explain to me the point of raising a virtual child when you have a REAL one at home, starving. If you think you can learn anything about raising children from a simulator, you obviously have never had children.

You can point to this as a result of a larger issue, but that doesn't change the simple fact of the matter: they fed a real baby rotten milk and left it to starve while they got their game on. A couple of unemployed deadbeats living with their parents.

And I realize how disconnected we get reading things over the Internet, but try and understand that real life is a bit more visceral - 'these things just happen' is not something you say in connection with the death of a child. Everything "just happens"; actually living it is something else entirely.
Pebz  +   2171d ago
"Explain to me the point of raising a virtual child when you have a REAL one at home, starving. If you think you can learn anything about raising children from a simulator, you obviously have never had children.

You can point to this as a result of a larger issue, but that doesn't change the simple fact of the matter: they fed a real baby rotten milk and left it to starve while they got their game on. A couple of unemployed deadbeats living with their parents."

Well, it's not about what I think or what you think, it's about what those parents think, isn't it? Perhaps they never had children before and thought they could learn something from it, as you yourself said such a person could do. The point is we don't know what they were thinking, we can't simply superimpose our situation and knowledge on other people and judge them from that perspective. Not if we want to know why and what actually happened, rather than just get some empty satisfaction because they got punished for it.

"And I realize how disconnected we get reading things over the Internet, but try and understand that real life is a bit more visceral - 'these things just happen' is not something you say in connection with the death of a child. Everything "just happens"; actually living it is something else entirely."

I didn't say these things "just happen", as in "I don't care", I said these things happen whether punishment is given or not, because they are not necessarily acts of "evil people", but perhaps a symptom of something deeper.
ButterToast  +   2171d ago
reason #562 why some people shouldn't be allowed to procreate.
JsonHenry  +   2171d ago
forced castration and whatever the normal penalty for murder is where they live is what I would throw at them.
Saga Kin   2171d ago | Spam
PopEmUp  +   2171d ago
This people
make me sick *yuck*
mikeslemonade  +   2171d ago
I didn't know Bungie was Korean and his last name is Kim.
FadeToBlack  +   2171d ago
They should be executed
Kurt Russell  +   2171d ago
Hehe, sound like a rubbish version of the movie Trainspotting!

Those of you who have responded death penalty are chumps... Nobody should be able to decide that, especially a spotty 15 year old.
Terry Tate  +   2171d ago
This whole thing makes me angry
They let the child starve to death. They KNOWINGLY fed it ROTTEN POWDERED MILK!! They frakin SPANKED a 9 month old baby becuase it was crying.
I'm so furious right now. I'm a single father of three. All my children live with me and they are the most important thing in the world. How could these people do this?
Some feel the death peanlty is too harsh. It's not. Period. These people deserve to be put to death, in much the same way that they killed their baby. Just put them in a cell with some rotten food, beat them regularly and let them waste away. Good riddance.
mastiffchild  +   2171d ago
No, killing these idiots would not be the right thing to do. surely, if we want to stop future happenings of a similar nature we must find out the whys and whens and hows of the case. See if we can't find things an outsider could spot in other families where this is at risk of happening and maybe even create an atmosphere where people, like these, with serious problems feel able to come forward for help in raising their actual, real life child/children, no? We kill them we lose any chance of them making anything even slightly better for them and throw away any chance we have of learning why this happens and preventing it happening again.

Honestly, I'm of the mind that two wrongs don't make a right and a society that punishes violence with violence sends some very dangerously mixed messages to it's citizens anyway. However, on top of that I feel it's like throwing the baby out with the bath water to do so when understanding and prevention of future tragedies could come about through intelligently working with these fools. There has to be triggers that make this happen and signs that could warn us if and when it is, no? Surely that's a better option than just letting them off the hook with an early death which saves them from ever facing up to what they did to their own child-I'd prefer we find SOME small shred of good in the mess and let them think about what they did for the rest of their lives. Let it eat at them.

Christ, we don't know everything about them. for all we know either or both could be mentally sufficient or psychotic or anything and need to know just what went n and, more importantly in many ways , why. then, amybe, some child in the future may be a little luckier. RIP little one, God bless. Sad, sad times we live in.
SuperStrokey1123  +   2171d ago
This makes me so freaking angry, I would give anything up just to make my little girl smile once, and these losers go and kill their baby. It just makes me want to scream.
Farmhand  +   2172d ago
it makes me sick to my stomach that my favorite hobby (video games) can lead to the death of a helpless child. What I would like to see done to these people cant be described in detail here at N4G or on any other site.

Bubbles is correct though, these people need to live a long life in prison, with the walls of their cell covered with pics of the child.
cyborg6971  +   2171d ago
Why let them live off of other people in jail for eighty years for dumb. You conservatives need to quit stagnating progression and get a back bone.
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Megaton  +   2171d ago
"You conservatives need to quit stagnating progression and get a back bone."

^ lolwut

Pro-DP is typically a Republican/conservative point of view.
Anti-DP is typically a Democrat/liberal point of view.
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Kurylo3d  +   2171d ago
i dont know what democrats uve been talkn too, but all the dems i know(including myself ) are pro death penalty....

I mean really.. put them in prison and remind them of their child to make them sad? Really?

That same child they fed rotten food too.. beat and starved to death... Do you really think they care about the childs death.
Darkfocus  +   2171d ago
you know that the death penalty is actually more costly right?
when a convicts on death row they can file as many appeals as they want and usually with a state appointed lawyer too, and those appeals have to be fought with by a another state appointed lawyer and then a judge also payed by the state has to decide the case. this process continues for years and there's also the chance that an innocent person is being sent to their death.

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cyborg6971  +   2171d ago
Yea well then shorten the appeals system and do you know how much it costs counties and states to house one inmate per year? 21,000.00 times oh say 60 65 years what do you come up with? Your argument doesn't hold water.

Below I wish I could but I'm at work. I'll check them out when I get home.
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Darkfocus  +   2171d ago
maybe you should read some of the links before hastily jumping to conclusions

second links got a hole bunch examples with data backing it up
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nefertis  +   2171d ago
I hope the parents dont drop the soap if they live in prison. Playb3yond
FadeToBlack  +   2171d ago
Let them spend the rest of their life in jail??
Why, so tax payer can pay to keep scum like this alive?
Not only should they be executed, but they should also suffer
the same torture as their poor child.
mastiffchild  +   2171d ago
And what happens when society murders the wrong person for a crime you people deem worthy of a death penalty?What then? Have we arrived at a place where judicial practise is infallible? not when I last checked we didn't and not even in the US or UK where how much cash you have at the start of a trial can have just as much bearing on how you get on as your guilt or innocence. Seriously, how many people get banged up for crimes they never committed, were incapable of judging or didn't even understand? You just can't go with a death penalty under these circumstances.

Personally I don't see how we could EVEN if the court process was perfect 100% of the time as a society which punishes violence with more violence is sending out some very odd messages about what's right and what's wrong, isn't it? Plus how can we learn and prevent future crimes if we just off the culprits without ever knowing why they did things, how they did things and what the early signs were so we might prevent future crimes? The cost of keeping prisoners alive and the cost of DR and executing them is of no importance at all if we can fins a way to save just one life by researching the miscreants.

There's also the mental state of the culprits to investigate:what illnesses effect psychotic behaviour, what mental problems can make these things happen and what can we see that may help us stop things going so far in other cases? I just see no real sense in falling for our base desire for revenge when there's chances to stop other, awful things from happening with a different approach. Don't make what happens to the killer the important thing-it isn't and they aren't. We should, instead, treasure what we can glean from these individuals while keeping them alive in the hope that they start to understand their evil and feel the guilt all their lives. Keeping them alive also shows a merciful society that is progressive about stopping these actions from happening in the future and doesn't show our kids that violence is an answer to anything-importantly, it also allows us to compensate and make up in some way to those who get jailed erroneously in these cases as if we'd killed them we'd be guilty of a crime they didn't even commit and would have no way of rectifying our mistake-to me that shows we shouldn't be putting ourselves in the position of Gods turning people's live's on and off.

Honestly guys, to me finance doesn't come into it and a lifetime of guilt is a better and, at least reversible, punishment then turning on the gas tanks. We have a bigger responsibility towards the future than a death penalty allows and facing that is much more important than allowing ourselves to sink to the level of vengeful killers as well as the original culprits. That's without even thinking about the rights and wrongs on a one to one basis of taking the life of even the most awful human being(see Orwell's piece about the sentenced prisoner on his way to his death if you're interested as it's an amazing bit of writing)and going from a purely "what's best" point of view-for our society.I don't even believe in deterrents for these kinds of acts as nothing seems to stop them punishment wise.

I just don't see any good coming from killing murderers, or killing anyone, for that matter, when we're all fallible, our courts are fallible and there's so much we can learn front them to help prevent things happening in similar ways in the future.
mcnablejr  +   2171d ago
FishCake9T4  +   2171d ago
Kill those peices of Sh1t.
2FootYard  +   2171d ago
Video games kill.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   2171d ago
that shyt is not even funny man..thats a child we are talking about dumb @ss..i hope the parents starve in jail and die
cyborg6971  +   2171d ago
Yeah have some common sense,but then again it's not that common is it.
weazel  +   2171d ago
Ghost, take your pseudo-intellectual sh*t somewhere else man. Yeah, yeah. Everyone understands the deep pain and profundity of your 'mutterings' but this article could do without your brand of waffle. This is just fu*ked up, and the parents should be dealt with as torturing murderers, 'cause that is what they are. It's not gamings fault, not society, or any other 'easy' target. The finger of blame points squarely at these two fuc*ers, square in the eyes.
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2FootYard  +   2171d ago
This should have been left blank. I f**ked up big. Castration is the answer.

Oh and uh don't take advice from the cyborg fellow. He gets high by inhaling the chemicals in computer dusters.
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Nitrowolf2  +   2171d ago
that is just sick, raising a fake baby over yours wow
SLLCKGT  +   2171d ago
People get addicted to all kinds of things that makes them neglect their responsibilities i.e. gambling, drugs, sex, shopping, alcohol, tv, etc. Funny thing is video games are the only thing thats ever blamed as the cause if its involved.
cyborg6971  +   2171d ago
There is no such thing as addiction just a lack of self control. Addiction is an excuse word made up so shrinks can make more money. Addicted to sex please. Who doesn't want that all the time. Just because you can't get it whenever you want do you go out a rape someone no.
Pebz  +   2171d ago
You are essentially arguing semantics, akin to saying "there is no darkness, just lack of light". Repeatedly doing something out of lack of self control is pretty much the definition of an addiction. Even things that are considered positive can become an addiction if done obsessively, merely as a habit, rather than why it was considered positive to begin with. Including pretty much everything, even sex.

And some people actually do go out and rape someone.
mastiffchild  +   2171d ago
Addiction exists. Any habit can become so forceful overe time that it starts to rule people's lives and affect even the most, to us, basic and obvious things outside of the addiction to the point they become irrelevant to the sufferer. Clearly, it's a lot easier to understand a physical addiction like Alcohol or Heroin as the physiology is well known and well studied but when people are doing seemingly out of character things just to pursue what, to us, seems like a past time at the most then clearly there's something seriously wrong.

Naturally, this is clearer when the sufferer was once what you might term "normal" with everyday cares and worries treated in the way most of us do-things exactly like looking after yourself and your family. when these begin to slide and begin to lose their importance for someone then it's clear they haven't just got a bloody hobby. I don't pretend to understand how sex or a video game can become your master to the same extent a powerful drug can but I've seen both happen and both have amazing similarities and often affect the very same people in my experience as sometimes an addict will replace one harmful addiction with another, on the surface, less damaging one to "give them something to do" to replace the original problem. So, to me, there's a strong personality trait behind a lot of it.

I'm Bi Polar myself and have been shown how many other sufferers can hedge towards addictive traits(sometimes as a form of self medicating-be it with drugs themselves or actions that release the feel good chemicals within us naturally as it's these feelings from these chemicals which make us want to keep doing things)and I'm guessing a lot of other conditions can push you towards the edge of addiction as well. It's never black and white, never-even though this is all clearly wrong(and even more so as there's the two of them)we have no idea whether the two were already damaged in other ways and though it's tempting to judge it's not what we should do without complete knowledge, imo.

I've also seen a friend of my wife give up a serious drug problem(she fell pregnant and cleaned up FOR her unborn, at that time, child), go down with post nata depression, not be able to even look at her child and replace it all with WoW to the point where you have to bribe her away from the PC. It's awfully sad and debilitating for her and, you have to imagine, difficult for the baay who gets , as does the woman, great love and support from dad, her parents and a lot of us in the extended family and mates grouping. A baby, though, needs her mum and the first step must be the weening off a damn MMO. Trust me, I've seen this and it exists, it's sad and it's soul destroying and not a buzz word bandied about by quack shrinks for extra cash.

Christ, because a lot of people with my problem have ended up with thrill seeking behaviour issues I'm not allowed a bank card at 37! Without knowing it I'd been spending stupidly all my life and a lot of BP sufferers do similar things or end up gambling more than they own for the thrill of it and, I'm guessing, that release of internal chemicals common to most addictive situations. Certainly there are other ways and means of becoming and staying addicted and i'm no expert of any kind but to glibly suggest it can't exist is proper madness in my book-and I'm not right myself!
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2171d ago
Sadly the 2 biggest fanboys of
mcnablejr  +   2171d ago
i dont understand.
Obama  +   2171d ago
I think he meant to say Milo = virtual child...
-MD-  +   2171d ago
Tasteless jokes are tasteless.
Two-Face  +   2171d ago
''The Kims also confessed to police that they had been feeding rotten, powdered milk and had often spanked their crying baby''.

Dumb clueless parents, doing everything wrong.
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mcnablejr  +   2171d ago
washingmachine  +   2171d ago
lol,the way the world and humans are nowdays its best to be dead
Madeline12  +   2171d ago
You should remember the world is far better now then it has ever been before.
Just compare life for humans in the last 4 thousands years(in all different cultures and ways of living related to advancements in technology etc) to now...
We are so much better now.

By your thoughts we should have never existed to begin with.
No thx
Kalowest  +   2171d ago
Nothing new, happens everyday, I'm still waiting to here about a Halo addict running out the house with a rifle, shooting little kids while calling them Grunts.
#10 (Edited 2171d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GrandDragon  +   2171d ago
Why do some of you get offended when some one blames video games? If you get a offended by that then some of you have got mental problems.

I don't give a crap when someone blames video games for a particular crime committed because Video games don't benefit anyone in the first place, so what's there to get offended about? and addictions to anything could end up in some crime being committed.

Some of you are too a attached to a piece of plastic.
mcnablejr  +   2171d ago
you are on a gaming site you know, theres no saying you are any less attached to gaming than any of us.
andyrew007  +   2171d ago
Its not offensive, its the fact that it has nothing to do with games really, ye the parents played games but if they haven't got the mental capacity to know when to stop then its their fault....Anyway, its really messed up how they could do that.
kvg88  +   2171d ago
Some people should not be allowed to reproduce
Seriously, if you're going to go through with having a kid, at least have the decency to take care of it.
aCHU  +   2171d ago
i seriously think that they should be put in prison and starved to death..
seems fair to me..
that just fvcking sux man.. that child has no life and no future thanx to the dumb iresposible parents.
it makes me sad that if the baby would of survived it would of had something to look forward too,like bieng a stressed teenager or getting its first job ect ect..
thats the way i like to think about anyways. :(

i do also agree that putting the parents to death right away makes you no better then them as its murder for murder.. and Murder is murder,doesnt matter how its done its still considered murder.
#13 (Edited 2171d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Captain Tuttle  +   2171d ago
Terrible, tragic story.
cyborg6971  +   2171d ago
Who the hell would disagree with that statement come on show yourself coward.
M4I0N3  +   2171d ago
sick twisted f@cks
Pebz  +   2171d ago
If this is any indication of the mentality around on N4G;

1.1 -
death penalty
Agree(21) | Disagree(1)

1.4 - Starve them to death.
And beat them up if they cry.
Agree(14) | Disagree(0)

I'd guess that people don't really care much for the "tragic" part, but more about the "evil guys getting killed" part. Does wonders to disprove the gamer stereotypes floating around I guess.
pangitkqb  +   2171d ago
@ Pebz
Yes, I am an evil, heartless person. I don't care about tragedy at all and only want to punish "bad guys." All I care about is Halo; I never put an ounce of thought into any of societies woes or challenges. I am a mindless drone capable of only the most rudimentary understanding of common perceptions of "good" and "evil."


I simply have a different opinion than you do. And, heaven forbid, I might have even spent a great deal of time forming said opinion.

Thanks for lumping me in with the stereotypes. And yes, my heart goes out to that baby.
#14.4 (Edited 2171d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pebz  +   2171d ago
@ pogibaldy (12.4, reply numbering seems to be broken)
Take into context what I was replying to (comment 12.1), and you'll see that I was comparing agrees/disagrees, which one might use to form a general opinion about people here, i.e stereotypes. I don't care much for stereotypes myself, I don't see things as that black/white, but I'm sure you can see how this doesn't do much to support the outrage gamers have every time someone uses such stereotypes in "gaming-related" news.

By all means have a different opinion than me, the whole purpose of a forum is for people to share different opinions, but stating something without explaining the reasoning behind it does tend to come out as a "matter of fact", rather than an opinion.

I'd gladly hear your reasonings, I might just learn something from it.
#14.5 (Edited 2171d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Gago  +   2171d ago
just wow
Kalowest  +   2171d ago
Yep, WoW is a killer too.
UltimateSin  +   2171d ago
That's just sad.
Akagi  +   2171d ago
I hope they rot in prison.

Nah, wait, I hope they're forced to do severe slave labour then rot in prison at night.
smilydude13  +   2171d ago
I really love the internet.
You guys are really quite quick to cite the need for capital punishment. I've noticed a trend lately that when people read about somebody's impending execution the start to go on some sort of moralistic crusade about how capital punishment is a barbaric relic of the past and should no longer be practiced. Then lets say there's an article below in the same nature as this one and the very same people start rapidly demanding the death penalty as if that fixes everything.

The death penalty would be rather extreme for this. I somehow doubt that these morons are intentionally evil people with the only goal in their black heart and mind is to murder children by neglecting them. They're mentally ill and should try to be rehabilitated into functioning members of society instead of cut down for reasonable motive. Sure, what happened was terrible and happened because of their neglect but I don't believe they intentionally wanted to starve their daughter to death. They were just too screwed up to notice.

You guys need to get over you knee-jerk reaction to demand death for everything. It's absurd.
Mamba24  +   2171d ago
i agree with everything you said except the part about giving them the chance to be functioning members of society. They already had that chance and failed miserably. This really is no different than murder and makes it extra sickening to think that they brought this innocent soul into this world only to make it suffer. I can't imagine dying from malnourishment is a pleasant way to die. If anything I think a suitable punishment would be for these people to live the rest of their lives in some sort of a mental institute where a psychiatrist treats them until they fully understand and emotionally grasp what they have done, if that is even possible for the mind of a lunatic to understand. It's very difficult to punish people who don't think logically.
smilydude13  +   2171d ago
That's a valid point Mamba. They had a chance and they screwed it up royally. But I believe if somebody has the capacity to become a productive member and good willed member of society they should generally have a second chance. I believe locking people up who could just as easily be working, living, and contributing to society is pointless and nearly as big as a waste of life as letting a child starve when it could easily be avoided. If they're beyond rehabilitation then them let sit at some facility for the rest of their sad lifetime.
Krimmson  +   2171d ago
This upsets me.
I feel ashamed for being both a gamer and being Korean. Just goes to show that there are irresponsible people all over the world.

This makes me feel sick to my stomach.
R3DD  +   2171d ago
i hate stupid parents like these two. Im a gamer parent myself. But my kids always come first. I just can't play online games when theyre around cuz i cant pause when they need me.
Who the hell is disagreeing with our comments? is the person thats doin that a bad parent or something?
#20 (Edited 2171d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
The BS Police  +   2171d ago
Another example...
Of people who should have no right to raise kids.
AstroZombie1  +   2171d ago
Very sad news, RIP little baby.
lovestospoodge  +   2171d ago
could the disagrees for that have some freakin back up. ffs
macalatus  +   2171d ago
Two words...

Relientk77  +   2171d ago
Also the parents are winners of the worst parenting award
AstroZombie1  +   2171d ago
Why disagree at my comment above?
R3DD  +   2171d ago
they must be an idiot parent as well.
djfullshred  +   2171d ago

No point is asking why there are mindless trolls on the Internet. This is their refuge, because nobody wants to put up with their idiocy in the real world.
stuntman_mike  +   2171d ago
they are probably the same kind of people too busy looking after their virtual children to give you an answer.
sajj316  +   2171d ago
As a parent of two girls below the age of 2, this story just ripped into my heart. I'm a gamer, but a father first. As much as I want to play the PS3 when I get back home from work, I am responsible for their well being. Family first, everything else is second. This is the definition of irresponsible.
R3DD  +   2171d ago
so i guess the person that is disagreeing everyone is too afraid to let us know who u are?
jjesso1993  +   2171d ago
well they do need punished and those kids need be taken to a family that can look after them give them the love they deserve iam not all for death penality if any one has heard of the derek bentlay case i think you might have idea of why iam so againts it would prefer people be kept in prison for life i dont mean 36 years or 8 years like one of uncles got for murder life should be life.
R3DD  +   2171d ago
so a 3 month old baby girl dies and ppl disagree with that? That person doesn't deserve to be human.
TwistedMetal  +   2171d ago
Samuel jackson- triple movie pack quote.
Gamer7l  +   2171d ago
...that quote is SPECIFICALLY from "A Time to Kill". If you're going to use a quote, it helps to reference it properly...or don't bother. :o
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