IGN: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Preview

If anyone can rise to the task though, it's Naughty Dog, with its rather fine pedigree of past hits hopefully indicative of Drake's ultimate quality. Right from the off too, signs are good, with our Uncharted experience opening with a beautifully orchestrated edge-of-the-seat action set-piece. As Nathan and obligatory hot lady-friend fly over the Pacific Ocean toward their tropical island destination - a sequence roughly twenty minutes into the final game, we're told - it's hard to find fault with Naughty Dog's simply gorgeous new game engine. Translucent clouds float serenely over an undulating ocean, light cascading across the water from behind the expansive island hideaway on the horizon.

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Bill Gates4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

This game will be HUGE.

@Odion..."they didn't even mention the fact that the combat is a carbon copy of gears of war."...That's because it's not a "fact" you baboon. Did you ever play the original Killzone? When you do, then come tell me where GOW got the idea for its combat system.

Vojkan4188d ago

Well even Syphon Filter for PSP uses cover system similar to Gears, and that game is like 2 years older than Gears. Also Killswitch used similar sh!t. Basicallly what i am trying to say is that its nothing new, its just that Gears put it on a higher level

nextgengaming184189d ago

I thought eidos entertainment made tomb raider but, the series really sucked. Hopefully uncharted goes for more of the action instead of the adventure.

Odion4189d ago

Sorry bill but they pointed out a lot of problem, and they didn't even mention the fact that the combat is a carbon copy of gears of war.

fenderputty4189d ago

"More impressive still is the sheer polish in production values, even at this early stage. Music is suitably bombastic, voice-actors actually sound like they're acting - injecting our stars with genuine wit and warmth - plus animation and character detail is near impeccable. What's more, facial animation is simply incredible, with both leads emoting convincingly, lip-synching accurately and just exuding personality. If nothing else, Naughty Dog looks to have created a world of adventure you'll be glad to be lost in."

"Still, we have every confidence that Naughty Dog will smooth these irritations out as development progresses."

This game is going to be bonkers. It's a visual masterpiece. Another must have for PS3 owners everywhere.

Violater4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

this game is going to eat other games on other systems ALIVE!!
Sorry guys I am turning into a bit of a fanboy.
But if loving the fact that the games are closer to being here makes me a fanboy then GUILTY as charged.
The Playstation brand has never let us down with the variety in games it offers.
I don't think any PS3 owner on this site can help but get really excited lately.

Why o why4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

dont you mean resident evil 4 mr green specs. Suppose the glass is always half empty for ps and half full for 360 huh

MK_Red4189d ago

Its a Naughty Dog game and hopefully they will fix all the problems so the final game could be a true masterpiece like other Naughty Dog games.

JohnCarpenter4189d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Why only Gears of War? The combat system looks a bit like Resident Evil 4 too. But who cares?
Seems (and i hope) they took the best of the past action adventure game world, mixed with somthing new to make the whole experience even bigger!
I enjoyed the Tomb Raider series, Prince of Persia,Legacy of Kain,God of War, the Indiana Jones ambiance generally and other action adventures.
Drake's and Heavenly Sword... well at last i bought my 360 after it got 2 great games i wanted to play. Finish them well and i'll jump in.

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The story is too old to be commented.