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Heavenly Sword Update - More High Res Screens and Gameplay

Here is a quick screen update for Heavenly sword. New high res screens have been released as well.

Hit jump to view them all.

Updated Game Details
-Kai will be playable for some part of the game
-Swords, big Guns ( You name it) Nariko will have in her arsenal various weapons
-Many Action Scenes
-Sixaxis Support Confirmed - allows you to control projectiles (Heavenly Sword, PS3)

Credit url: gamers-creed.com
fenderputty  +   2485d ago
I heart
this game.
funkysolo  +   2485d ago
This game almost look like CGI
The charactors are highly detailed, finally the PS3 shows some of it's power. These are the type of games that seperate the PS3 from the competition. I can't wait for team ICO to make a PS3 game.
cartman313  +   2485d ago
Yeah, I'm amazed how they didn't have to use CGI for any of the cutscenes because the gameplay already looks almost that good. The wait for this game is driving me crazy.
novaIS350  +   2485d ago
I guess this answers some questions.
People were afraid this game would be completely based on arena combat and not wide open areas. these images clearly show hordes of enemies in a wide open area. Simply amazing.
cartman313  +   2485d ago
The pics with her fighting that HUGE army, that will really be amazing.
Rybnik  +   2485d ago
Indeed, they are straight out of the E3 05' trailer! Pretty much the same scenery and everything. These pics really prove the epic scale of this game. I just hope the AI really lives up to the promises of the developers. On a side note, the large-scale battles graphics have improved from previous screen shots!

Here is a quick screen comparo to back up my point, first two are current build, last one is E3 2005. Aside for the brighter HDR of 2005 it is pretty close!

Related image(s)
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IBLEEDBLU  +   2485d ago
46" bravia xbr3 + 7.1 surroundsound + HS = im in heaven

cant wait for this game
daomay  +   2485d ago
amen my friend
solideagle1  +   2485d ago
heavenly sword
will pwn devil may cry in my opinion...i think its gameply is GOW+ninja gaiden. but its just me :)
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   2485d ago
Beautiful screens...........
hope the gameplay/ experience matches!? :)
xg-ei8ht  +   2485d ago
Looks sweet, still think the textures could be alittle stronger, but then again, other pics i've seen it does look better.

I do know however this game uses aax4 plus hdr.
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Cartesian3D  +   2485d ago
simply amazing..
cant wait... the artstyle is F'in amazing.. it has the best storyline Iv ever heard for a action game..

the graphics is amazing too.. omg cant wait to see it in my hand..:)
MetalProxy  +   2485d ago
oooh yea
This games is look'n pretty steller. There are so many great games coming out this fall. I will be sitting in heaven...eventually
no_more_heroes  +   2485d ago
I'm so glad that this game looks awesome
Its good that good games are finally coming for the ps3 (or will be here very soon). This game looks kick-@$$ to me. Anyone else?
AnDy FrOm MiAmi  +   2485d ago
Even thought i own a xbox 360 i think this game looks preety sick it is amazing, man i just wished the fanboys in here could stop b!tch!ng at each other and enjoy thier respective consoles like i do!
cartman313  +   2485d ago
Yeah, I've come to appreciate the 360 and PS3 trying to out do eachother. Cause we get amazing results from both sides!
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Groo  +   2485d ago
Looks nice, hope it plays nice
Figboy  +   2485d ago
this game just keeps looking better and better.

this fall i'm going to be one happy PS3 owner (as if i wasn't happy now, but whatever!)
amerz  +   2485d ago
I don't know what looks better, this, Lair or Uncharted!
Those three have got to be the best looking games I've ever seen.
IPlayGames  +   2485d ago
This is the reason i bought a ps3
Well this and DMC4 but thats kind of a after thought now.
daomay  +   2485d ago
I haven't never heard of this game since I had me ps3 6 months ago....

Fuk u SONY this game is fake...dont believe in the hype peoples....

them pics is to good to be true....game like this can't be done in any of the current consoles....

fuk u agian sony for showing us a fake game....this game does not exist...lol

if this is possible imagine wat killzone 2 may could be....better have great sex with the wife the night before E3 lol

fuk u sony for making me wait with a smile
Genki  +   2485d ago
Desperado, agreed
Those three titles all look fantastic and offer 3 completely different playstyles.

This fall can't come soon enough...I can't wait to play this game.

The word EPIC just pops out at you upon seeing new vids and screenshots.
aggh im on fire  +   2484d ago
Great looking game but it looks like the A.I needs some serious work at the moment, it could ruin it for me if the enemies just stand there waiting to be killed. Sort it out.

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