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New PS3 game isn't from David Jaffe's team either

PlayStation Uni: Later today GameTrailers TV will reveal the first trailer for a new PlayStation 3 exclusive game, reportedly from a Sony first-party studio. The game isn't from Insomniac and it's not from David Jaffe's Eat. Sleep. Play either. (PS3)

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FangBlade  +   1948d ago
Im still sticking with Motorstorm 3.
Blaster_Master  +   1948d ago
Agreed, but only if its more then just a minor update to pacific rift. I want in dash views, 1080p graphics, 60 fps, with double the maps that came last time, with online single player that your friends can play too. Is that too much to ask?!

BTW, im glad its not Jaffe's new IP. After calling all cars and him saying that Flower was his GOTY last year makes me really unconvinced that he's up to the task of entertaining me.
RockstarExclusive  +   1948d ago
I like the quote :).
I think infamous 2 is e3 news, Motorstorm 3 may be it
lociefer  +   1948d ago
so tht leaves starhawk
Tinted Eyes  +   1948d ago
sonarus  +   1948d ago
Think of the game you really want it to be (Syphon Filter) And then know its not it:(

Its motorstorm 3
Mr_Bun  +   1948d ago
Only 2 hours of guesswork left
LordMarius  +   1948d ago
that leaves
-Motorstorm 3
-Killzone 3
Christopher  +   1948d ago
I don't think we'll see a 1080p game with 30fps or better this generation. That's just a lot to process.

Also, I seriously hope, for selfish reasons, that it isn't MotorStorm 3. I'm just not into driving games and there's already GT5 coming out later this year. Really hope it's a good action-adventure game.
sikbeta  +   1948d ago
*Motor Storm 3
*Killzone 3

PlayStation 2 turns 10 years old today... a Game from SCEJ:

·Saru Get You PS3?

A Game from SCEA:

·Syphon Filter PS3?

A Game from SCEE:

·The Getaway PS3?

Gaming FTW!!!
FACTUAL evidence  +   1948d ago

Twisted metal-check

Heavenly sword 2-confirmed XD (i wish)
FACTUAL evidence  +   1948d ago
Please let it be sly cooper 4!!!
whoelse  +   1948d ago
Wasn't Motorstorm 2 revealed in a similar manner?
joydestroy  +   1948d ago
Disccordia  +   1948d ago
Neither Insomniac nor Eat.Sleep.Play are first party anyway, which makes that first sentence seem a bit ridiculous.
Man In Black  +   1948d ago
The plot thickens...
devsgreat  +   1948d ago
killzone 3 or motostorm 3 :D
kenpachi  +   1948d ago
I'd say Infamous 2
Christopher  +   1948d ago
Would be great, but they're a second-party company. Based on the news, it's supposed to be a first-party title.
jack_burt0n  +   1948d ago
jaffe is great.
dkgshiz  +   1948d ago
Well that means no Twisted Metal
So I guess Its more then likely Killzone 3.
Theoneneo81  +   1948d ago
the say it wasnt to a recent game Killzone is Farley recent
Roper316  +   1948d ago
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! I want Twisted Metal damn it!!!!!! Well he did say last year his game would be shown at this years E3. Anyways can't wait to see what the game is.
kanetheking  +   1948d ago
on his volg said the game will be shown at e3.
Killzonegamer84  +   1948d ago
Its Infamous 2.. I dont know why, but Infamous 2 just seems to fit the profile for this type of announcement.

Its not going to be some sequal from a franchise way back when. Lets back down to earth, this is going to be on Spike TV. Most gamers that watch GTTV wont know what Medievil or Return of Lagoon (or whatever the name of that game is that some people are speculating) Its going to be a sequel to a franchise that just came out recetnly.

I also dont think its starhawk, Warhawk came out a few years ago and isnt on fresh on anyone's mind.. Starhawk just seems like a E3 announcement.

I even think KZ3 is a stretch but if its not Infamous 2 it will be KZ3.
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MajesticBeast  +   1948d ago
Starhawk its been 3 years since warhawk enough time for a indirect sequel.
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cobraagent  +   1948d ago
Agreed Its definetely Infamous 2
stuna1  +   1948d ago
I do believe we have a winner!
And the winner is Starhawk! Well at least I hope it is, Infamous, or Resistance 3, or Killzone 3, or Motorstorm 3, or Syphon Filter, or Little Big Planet 2, or you get the picture lol.
On second thought it really doesn't matter what it is, just so long as they keep pushing the boundaries of my beautiful black machine!
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cobraagent  +   1948d ago
REsistance is made by insomniac. Insomniac and David Jaffe clearly said that this suprise won't be any of their games
hihosilver  +   1948d ago
^ Are u F*cking stupid its not LBP2
its impossible there are like million levels there will never never never be a LBP 2
Socomer 1979  +   1948d ago
damn, i cant wait to know.
I want to say "BooM Goes The Dynamite" as soon as this exclusive is revealed.
WMW  +   1948d ago
i think it is infamous 2
1.it would be a sequel to a current game franchise( infamous released this gen) unlike siphon filter

2.they compared it to uc2 and gow3 so it has to look good and have a lot of action to be compared to those games which could be done with a game like infamous 2 unlike motorstorm 3

3.it is a game made by sony

4.it is a really good game but not a big game so a tv announcement makes sense(they announced batman AA2 on tv and it was a goty nominee) something like kz3 would be announced at a big event
Rise To Fame  +   1948d ago
Legend of Dragoon 2 please
Come on now, we all know Sony couldn't care less about RPG's this gen.
Fishy Fingers  +   1948d ago
I think it might be something from the PS2 era, as it's the consoles 10th birthday. But what ever it's only 2 hours away, we'll soon see.
PotNoodle  +   1948d ago
Killzone 2 was a big release, i'm not sure if they would randomly announce the sequel without much buzz around in, as in many media outlets looking out, such as they would at E3.

So it may be a smaller game, like Motorstorm 3 or inFamous 2. I would be happy with any of the three, though :)
BYE  +   1948d ago
Syphon Filter. Has to be...
TheProfessional  +   1948d ago
If it isn't Twisted Metal than it better be a next-gen Syphon Filter. Otherwise who cares? Starhawk? C'mon.
ViciousBoston  +   1948d ago
Its Zone of the Enders III.
ManiacMansion  +   1948d ago
syphon filter would be great but pls dont bring inFamous again.

For my personal taste its the worst PS3 exclusive right now.

Maybe LBP2 :P
MajesticBeast  +   1948d ago
Sony Japan would announce a jrpg or japanese game in famitsu or tgs not gttv. I disagree with infamous being the worst ps3 exclusive that would be lair.
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Damn. Guess I better cross off my most anticipated game announcement.
Sevir04  +   1948d ago
so that leaves lightbox interactive, suckerpunch, sony japan or sony bend studios
My picks are lightbox interactive and Sony bend. Evolution studios may have an announcement but we shall see.
eddie420  +   1948d ago
Im Tired of all these gamers comming in, oh teh Killzone needs a Sequel, Oh Infamous, Oh Motorstorm, These Damn games Dont "NEED" A Sequel, YET!! All good games, But u Damn 10Yr Old need to understand the there has been other F-ing games made beside games the just came out a Year ago/Or this Gen in General!! I come on this Website all the time and all I see are these Damn kids wanting Games like Demon Souls to get Sequel already! Im 23yrs old so I want/NEED other games besides Games 4rm this Gen! It Really upset's me its not TWISTED METAL! Psn iD: ArroyoSavage925! End Rant.
ManiacMansion  +   1948d ago
you are completely right.

I share your opinion. Sequels are good but not after 1 or 2 years.

Just look on Call of Duty. No Innovation, nothing new since 4 years.
Two-Face  +   1948d ago
''I share your opinion. Sequels are good but not after 1 or 2 years''.

Uncharted 2.
Memo-Xen x3100  +   1948d ago
It needs to be
Heavenly Sword 2, Warhawk 2(Starhawk), Infamous 2 or I don't care.
chidori666  +   1948d ago
stop this bullshi* of killzone 3 cuz this game is only for e3..
mabreu  +   1948d ago
C'mon!! What the hell is David Jaffe doing.
I want Twisted Metal!!!!
Roper316  +   1948d ago
I have faith that at E3 TM-3D will be announced. And how cool will it be when your going head to head with say Sweet-tooth and his missles & bullets are flying right out the screen at you.
Tyler Durden  +   1948d ago
head would explode if they ever annouced a part 3 or if they put the originals on the PSN store
despair  +   1948d ago
cmon ppl
what else but lair 2

seriously though it might be a ps2 title as with the 10 year anniversary of the ps2...so i say Syphon Filter (got some money riding on that)
xaviertooth  +   1948d ago
kiss your natal hope goodbye.
rawd  +   1948d ago
comment make Milo sad

Socomer 1979  +   1948d ago
I really hope its syphon filter.
it better be.

Gabe Logan Owns.

Hes the playstations Jack bauer of 24.
JRisburning  +   1948d ago
hihosilver  +   1948d ago
I actually want to see a Valkyrie Profile 4 for the ps3 in HD, or Shadow of the colossus but i know it wont happen so i go with infamous 2
eddie420  +   1948d ago
What happened to no later then 2010?? WoW I thought u were trust worthy Jaffe, I guess I was wrong! U just lost a Fan!!! I guess im stuck with SCRAP METAL /s This Makes me want to SCREAM!!! F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the worst day of the year for me! I had so much hope and excitement that it was Twisted Metal, That I thought it was going to be the Biggest year of gaming then Jaffe says this?? GoW, Gran Tourismo, and Twisted Metal, I knew it was to good to be true!!! As I said be for, F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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