Bioware Have Confirmed Presence at E3

Until now, Bioware had not revealed to gamers whether they was going to be at E3 this year or not. Today, community director have at Bioware have confirmed all those rumors and speculations.

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Diselage3800d ago

This is like saying Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo may make a showing.

Satanas3800d ago

Haha yeah, who wasn't expecting them to show?

Odion3800d ago

a lot of people since at GDC they said they wouldn't be there.

But Mass Effect= Best RPG of the year hands down without an ounce of competion and its in the top tier for game of the year

Rhezin3800d ago

I think it will be a battle between Mass Effect and Killzone 2 in terms of graphics because I think the graphics in this will be better than halo 3

Satanas3800d ago

Agree here, Mass Effect is really good looking visually. IF KZ2 lives up to its hype then it could be a close call. Although they aren't really comparable in any other field due to the difference in genre.

ben hates you3800d ago

is like it's trailer, in 05, it still think mass effect won with the character detail, but we'll see,

bioware is my favorite developer!

funkysolo3799d ago

Mass Effect one of the few 360 titles I'm waiting for I hope it turns out good we need some action games on 360.

Eclipticus3799d ago

that was like the coolest qoute i have ever herd.
Now what will we see? Mass Effect? sure. A sonic RPG, video, perhaps. But I have a feeling they will show a treaser video of KOTOR3. Though I am sure this wont come out for a while. Next summer at the earliest, its still never too early to show concept art for a galaxy far away and get nerds salivating.

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The story is too old to be commented.