Exclusive Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Gameplay Video

Gameplay from the upcoming PS3/360/PC game from the makers of Hitman.

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TruthHurts4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

this game looks really really good,

but the animations are exactly like Hitman.
it looks a bit dated after seeing Uncharted.

it just looks like a way better looking Hitman, which isn`t a bad thing.


Me too. oh well, maybe there is a Hitman game in the works.

MK_Red4099d ago

Good point. Animation are really Hitmanish and the whole game looks like Hitman world. Its not a bad thing but I was hoping they would create a more unique and dark look for K&L.

Ebay3rd4099d ago

I wasn't really into that one...

Rhezin4099d ago

yeah looks like a hitman replica. I'll wait for the reviews on this one

DrPirate4099d ago

Is it just me, or did the gameplay look dull, boring and misleading? Graphically the game was nice but clearly, there is alot to be worked out in this trailer.

Audiggity4099d ago

I was expecting much more... a new Hitman would be sweet! (Assuming they actually do something different with the next one... multiplayer co-op would rock)

Oh well, maybe it's too early to tell for K&L? Hopefully*?

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The story is too old to be commented.