Timesplitters to be PS3 Exclusive?

Last Month in an interview with Ubisoft CEO, he hinted that the company currently have an exclusive game in development for the playstation 3. However, he refused to give out any details as what game it is exactly.

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DrWan4103d ago

i always though timesplitters is namco's??

TriggerHappy4103d ago

no Timesplitters series is by free radical

FreeMonk4103d ago

Before the PS3fanboys start getting there knickers in a twist and start boasting about Timesplitters 3 being a PS3 exclusive, just remember Assassin's Creed.....also published by Ubisoft!

They stated for months that Assassin's Creed was a PS3 exclusive, and look how that turned out!

Free Radical may want it to be an exclusive....but Ubisoft are in it for the cash, so I bet they will release it on every console they can, including the Wii.

I bet they'll be an time delay exclusive on the PS3 like what is happening for Haze, but for Ubisoft to turn down a few more million dollars for just one exclusive game would be mad!

Diselage4103d ago

Agreed, Ubi wants the money and the money right now is in multi-platform, the only way this would be an exclusive is if Sony paid for it to be and i don't think it's a big enough game to have Sony worry about it being an exclusive.

rukusa4103d ago

Put a friggin sock in it. What will you do if the exclusivity holds out and you'll be hacing bitter sweet after thoughts about what you said.

FreeMonk4103d ago

If it does actually turn out to be a PS3 exclusive (which I think it won't!), I'll buy it for my PS3!!

Simple, because I'll be purchasing my PS3 in October when the big titles start to emerge!!

So suck on that!!

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pwnsause4103d ago

no its not a namco game lol anyway this news sounds good for PS3 owners

original seed4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Have you guys seen this game. It looks great.

Omegasyde4102d ago

-This game was amust have for anyone who loved 4 player split screen.
-It also had "thee" most options to date as far as customomizing match types.
-The character selection seemed to be the most robust
-the only game on consoles that had a Level Editor for a FPS shooter, that you could share online.

kewlkat0074103d ago

played this one, but is this something that is confirmed? or is rumored/speculation? I'm guessing if not, then just add a Question mark.

Odion4103d ago

timesplitters really isn't a big game most people don't even know what it is

Fisher3394103d ago

sadly thats true,

but Timesplitters 2 was one of the most fun fps i have ever played.

VirusE4103d ago

I liked timespliters gameplay but in many ways it did feel like goldeneye 2.0 with a REAL cheesy tacked on story. It was a very generic shooter in many ways. Fun but very forgetable.

BlackIceJoe4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

Well this is cool another PS3 game. I hope there will be more info on the game at E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.