Sony will announce a new PS3 game today at 8:00pm (GMT)

PS3Hype writes: 'Today Dave Epke (President Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux) announced on is twitter that Sony will reveal a new PlayStation 3 game at 20:00pm. Would that mean that Sony is going to reveal 2 games in one week?'

[From N4G editor] We will update this post when the title is revealed!


The site display's 21:00 as the time of the reveal. This is the Dutch Time. It's GTM+1. So in general the English time is 20:00.
Sorry for the title, it needs to be 8pm ;)
[UPDATE-2]: A New SOCOM title created by Zipper Interactive, check the link for the first screenshots and come back tomorrow for the first trailer!

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Mr_Bun2973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

Website says 21:00 (9pm) but which time zone? I'm guessing CET judging by the site, which puts the announcement in another 4.5 hours or so

Edit: Chris
Don't quote me on that...I'm just using relationship to the website location...It's the only guess I have

Chris3992973d ago (Edited 2973d ago )

I'll find out with my morning cup of tea tomorrow :) Seriously, this gen has been all about the hype; I think I'm immune to it at this point.

Edit: 4.5 hours! Nice find!

lars2thev2973d ago

It's the time of The Netherlands +1 GMT.

RedDragan2972d ago

So 20:00 GMT then. Cool.

Who has the link by the way to the announcement?

sikbeta2972d ago

·Twisted Metal PS3
·Syphon Filter PS3
·The Getaway PS3

Gaming FTW!!!

FreeMonk2972d ago

Killzone 3, Twisted Metal 3 etc.....GIVE ME PARAPPA THE RAPPER 3!!!

ThanatosDMC2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I'm hoping for Starhawk 256 with mech suits, lots of armored vehicles, capital ships, frigates, fighters, bombers, etc or something completely different but completely incredible.

fedex6822972d ago

The PS2 is completing 10 years today and a new sequel is being announced for the PS3 today. Coincidence?

TheHater2972d ago

that asking for too much

Mr_Bun2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

You can't blame PS3 owners, we've come to expect high standards with our exclusives

Sev2972d ago

@ fedex...

I was thinking the same thing. I'm guessing it's a flagship PS2 title, perfect time to announce it.

sikbeta2972d ago

@ThanatosDMC & TheHater

256 is asking too much, but 128Players + Great Graphics = Epic

Gaming FTW!!!

TheHater2972d ago

yeah, we PS3 owners are spoiler with quantity and quality :)
Can't wait to get home and play my Heavy Rain DLC and then hop back on WKC

jack_burt0n2972d ago


yeah its been ten years, I want this in realtime!

Ryuha1234h2972d ago

I'm confuse here. Is this same anouncement from GTTV or another anouncement.

Darkstorn2972d ago

Guerilla Games is based in the Netherlands... Could this mean Killzone 3?

gaffyh2972d ago

Is this the same GTTV reveal or different one? Any Dutch speakers here?

mabreu2972d ago

Maybe its a FPS title like Killzone 3 or Resistance 3 because they can compete with the release of Halo:Reach.

I'm hoping for Twisted Metal. C'mon David Jaffe!!

vhero2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Its weird sony doing this its usually MS doing this.. Oh and its timesplitters 4 exclusive :). You read it here first!!!

Blaster_Master2972d ago

New game announced for the ps3? OMG Im excited.

shadow27972972d ago

Am I the only one who sees the irony in writing 20:00 "PM"?

At least it's not in the title anymore.

Babylonian2972d ago

The site is reporting from a Twitter account of Dave Epke where he is saying: "Around 21:00 (Dutch time, GMT+1) a new PS3 game will be announced, no right guesses so far"

So that means that what we have been speculating the last days is not what is going to be announced.

Funny thing is I know Dave Epke, he used to be one of my mentors during my internship at SCE Benelux. Very nice and funny guy.

Syronicus2972d ago

Hey, Enter the Gecko was hilarious.

Noctis Aftermath2972d ago


The Legend of Dragoon 2


Hot Shots Golf.

arakouftaian2972d ago

News for Killzon3 sometime this week?
I mean this is it, if is not KZ3 it will be
a new IP from GG, but I hope is KZ3

Double072972d ago

Its not Killzone 3, Motorstorm 3 or Starhawk apparently

Second post on the page, then Geoff says further down that its not MS3 or Starhawk =/

Quotes: "Guys, I know you love to whip yourselves into a frenzy but no, we are not showing you a Killzone 3 trailer tonight on GTTV. The trailer we're showing is definitely a big frontline title for PS3 though. I believe some info will be online in advance of the trailer."

And "Not Starhawk or MS3! Tune in and see."

Im thinking Syphon Filter for sure now.

archemides5182972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

it's something stupid :(

obviously infamous 2

we won2972d ago

Announce a new game on the day the FF13 embargo ends? Hmmm.

iamtehpwn2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Look it up.

deafwing2972d ago

While i'm sure the war junkies are thrilled ... I'm getting a little tired of war games... ah well .. looking forward to it and hopefully they'll do something better yada yada yada ... *yawn*

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2972d ago
anti-gamer2972d ago

I did know it well be a sequel, So i well go to KillZone 3.

NateNater2972d ago

I think it'll be a sequel to a popular PS2 game seeing as how PS2 is 10 years old today.

Perhaps a new Jak and Daxter?

PS3Freak2972d ago

Damn, i never even thought about Jak & Daxter, i hope it is.

anti-gamer2972d ago

I forgot abut Jak & Daxter, jak4 using uncharted engin it well be g8.

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TooTall192972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

It's being announced on GTTV.

nikoado2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

What time is the show on? (GMT)

I now see it's 20:00 GMT

sedx2972d ago

warhawk 2
getaway 3
infamous 2

samich20072972d ago

@Mr Bun
Thats the dutch time, and its +1 so in general (english time) it's 20pm ;)

Mr_Bun2972d ago

I thought it was a typo....good to know

Guess that puts it around 3:00pm my time (EST)...right?

JamMyth2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Mr Bun...if it's 20:00 GMT, then it's 15:00 EST (EST is GMT -5)

And [email protected]
"Am I the only one who sees the irony in writing 20:00 "PM"?"
I'd say it's not Irony, but a little redundant (yes, I'm a grammar snob) :-)

*EDIT*, sorry, 15:00 = 3:00 PM

PS3Freak2972d ago

What? an hour and 15 minutes? it's 1:45 here. SWEEET.