Could Sony's Surprise Exclusive Be A Warhawk Sequel?

Gary A Swaby of writes: The Internet is buzzing about Sony's new exclusive that is about to be revealed soon. Many people figured it must be Resistance 3, or something coming from Insomniac as they have announced that they are working on two new games. However Insomniac themselves have denied that Sony are going to reveal any of their titles. This leads me to believe that the game could possibly be a sequel to the 2007 online action title, Warhawk.

For weeks now there have been hints that a new Warhawk game is being worked on by Incognito entertainment, mainly from our good friend HipHopGamer. It is beginning to make more sense for a Warhawk sequel to be revealed at this point, as the first one was well received. It has now been nearly three years since the first game, so a new revamp of the franchise would be more than welcomed. From what I got from hearing people talk about the possibility of a Warhawk 2, it seems they want to push a single player campaign as well as the online multi-player portion.

With Insomniac shutting down any idea of a product form their shop getting revealed, and Killzone 3 likely to not be revealed for some time. Warhawk 2 for the Playstation 3 makes the most sense to me at this point. I could be wrong, but regardless I am sure I am right in saying that there is a new Warhawk on the way. Only time will tell, be sure to tune in to Gametrailers TV to find out what Sony's secret will be.

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Godmars2903002d ago

It speculates far too much. Can't just sit back, wait for announcements while looking into what actual news has been release, and in general speculate.

Mr_Bun3002d ago

I am part of that problem...I get sucked into the speculation articles all the time

knifefight3002d ago

Seriously. Seems articles like "Is Company X Developing THIS Game?" or "Will B outsell A in December?" get more love than their real news equivalents oft times, heh.

vhero3002d ago

come on people its a surprise would a warhawk sequel be a surprise?? or any of these other games touted lately like twisted metal etc?? No they wouldn't as there been rumours for months. The point of a surprise is you never saw it coming. So think out the box.. That's why I think they got a deal for Timesplitters 4 or something similar.

Godmars2903002d ago

Yeah, and we've got nth+ articles about nothing. Its the same mentality that's keeping ApocalyPS3 in the news, gave it a name, 3 times longer than it lasted.

DaTruth3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

And when a really technical article, like DF's GOW3 AA gets posted, it gets no love and there are five dudes in the comments saying "screw all this technical mumbo jumbo!"

I actually had a good conversation about Alan Wake in a Gow3 thread, because it actually came up in conversation and wasn't brought up by some trolling fanboy!

Tech articles make for the best comments section!

BeaArthur3002d ago

Godmars290...I was thinking the exact same thing before I clicked the link. Nobody has any idea of what it's going to be or if it's something anyone is even going to get excited about, but that doesn't stop anyone from throwing out any idea that would hold water. Here's an idea, why don't we just wait and see what it is and then we can all talk about how great or disappointing it is.

Shadow Flare3002d ago

Just imagine warhawk in space with 256 players. Even if this isn't the announced game, we still know starhawk is coming

The Lazy One3002d ago

wat's stupid is that a warhawk sequel has been heavily rumored for a long time. That would hardly be a surprise.

darthv723002d ago

a sequel to warhawk is supposed to come out called starhawk or something like that. If there is to be a surprise announcement it will be on a game that most likely hasnt seen the light for some time.

No joke but I am all for a new jumping flash or philosoma or maybe a new toshinden. Something from the PS1 days needing a rejuvenation. Like when warhawk was announced for ps3 having come from the ps1 days.

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Mr_Bun3002d ago

Warhawk was/is of the first PS3 games where the sixaxis shines. I would love a sequel!

ThanatosDMC3002d ago

I didnt like the sixaxis controls but im an ace in the c0ckpit. Hmmm... that kinda doesnt sound right...

Anyway, if it's Starhawk there had better be a ton of players. 100+ and i'll feel happy dodging a hailstorm of bullets and missiles.

I rarely used chaff in Warhawk only when i know im going to get hit.

Mr_Bun3002d ago

I thought flying with the sixaxis was tight! Then again, I was going through chaff bursts like they were going outta style

DaTruth3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

I was a ground soldier! Warhawks were just a means of transportation for me! That tells you how awesome that game was, when you can play Warhawk, without actually utilizing Warhawks and still be incredibly important on the battlefield.

Used to take nodes and defend flags from five guys single handedly!

cobraagent3002d ago

I think its gonna be infamous 2 or even FF13 Versus. How about MGS5? I have no idea of what this suprise is gonna be but i am pretty sure SCE won't let us down

dkgshiz3002d ago

Its been in development for quite some time. Its going to be Killzone 3 I think.

BeaArthur3002d ago

It will most likely be an exclusive so that would rule out MG5 (Raiden) and Versus (which I can only assume will end up multi platform).

dkgshiz3002d ago

StarHawk,Infamous 2, or Killzone 3. I personally think its going to be Killzone 3.

DaTruth3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

My first thought was Killzone3 too. But then I imagined Killzone3 popping up behind Jack Trentton on screen in a keynote speech at E3 and now I think it is either Warhawk sequel(whatever they call it) or Infamous 2!

It feels like they wouldn't be doing KZ3 justice if they announced it any other way! And it will also crush the hype of whatever MS shows of Reach when it looks ridiculously better!

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