Verboten: The Darkness Changed For Germany

Looks like gamers in Germany are going to have to wait a little longer to play The Darkness on their Xbox 360s, and their version will differ quite a bit from what others are playing now in the state and UK. Probably the most major change needed before the game is released is the removal of Nazi symbolism, which of course hearkens back to a period of history that Germany isn't too proud of.

Other changes to the German 360 version include removal of four of the Darkling kill methods, and the ripping out heart animation being replaced with sucking out souls via a green mist. Weak.

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Legionaire20054189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

I think there should be a online petition to stop the censorship BS in Germany for crying out loud. Why remove the darlings killing methods and the Nazi regime thing which is a part of the comics!!!! If I were German I would protest against this BS!!!

Caxtus7504189d ago

:S prison sentence? I didnt know that existed-a new law? i seem to remember people in Germany importing GOW due to it being banned. that didnt carry a sentence..did it?

caffman4189d ago

I mean, it must suck to live in a country so paranoid that they ban a game in case it gets played by impressionable people.


manhunt 2


esemce4189d ago

So not only did they suffer the nazis but now they have to live under the censorship nazis.

Rooted_Dust4189d ago

What violent video games did Hitler play?

Systematrix4189d ago

Didn't you see the video where he was banned for his modded console?

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The story is too old to be commented.