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Verboten: The Darkness Changed For Germany

Looks like gamers in Germany are going to have to wait a little longer to play The Darkness on their Xbox 360s, and their version will differ quite a bit from what others are playing now in the state and UK. Probably the most major change needed before the game is released is the removal of Nazi symbolism, which of course hearkens back to a period of history that Germany isn't too proud of.

Other changes to the German 360 version include removal of four of the Darkling kill methods, and the ripping out heart animation being replaced with sucking out souls via a green mist. Weak. (PS3, The Darkness, Xbox 360)

Legionaire2005  +   2675d ago
Man!!!! Germany is worst on censorship than America damn!!!!!
I think there should be a online petition to stop the censorship BS in Germany for crying out loud. Why remove the darlings killing methods and the Nazi regime thing which is a part of the comics!!!! If I were German I would protest against this BS!!!
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Chexd  +   2675d ago
:S prison sentence? I didnt know that existed-a new law? i seem to remember people in Germany importing GOW due to it being banned. that didnt carry a sentence..did it?
caffman  +   2675d ago
I'm so glad I don't live in Germany
I mean, it must suck to live in a country so paranoid that they ban a game in case it gets played by impressionable people.


manhunt 2

esemce  +   2675d ago
So not only did they suffer the nazis but now they have to live under the censorship nazis.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2675d ago
They don't want another Hitler psychopath
Rooted_Dust  +   2675d ago
What violent video games did Hitler play?
Systematrix  +   2675d ago
Htiler was on Xbox Live
Didn't you see the video where he was banned for his modded console?
OutpostCommand  +   2675d ago
Ach, in my opinion the National Socialist regime was nothing to be embarassed about.
These days, it appears Germany is run by imbeciles.
Ptsh - to be embarassed by such a great government which once ruled your country is disheartening.

Anyhow, as for the 'green mist',
wow. What a load of tosh.

If I were any of these German gamers, there is only one option-
caffman  +   2675d ago
"Ach, in my opinion the National Socialist regime was nothing to be embarassed about."
You really are quite stupid aren't you?
Karebear  +   2675d ago
I cannot disagree strongly enough from this post
I won't feed the troll, but this opinion is both scary and offensive. The irony of saying this in a thread about censorship is not lost on me.
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i Shank u  +   2675d ago
hey outpost, youre an idiot. i agree they shouldnt feel embarassed, because the Nazis were the biggest PieceOfShites ever and arent worth remembering, they are murderers not great you f*cktard. you should get imported to nazi germany. the weak part of your stupidity is that hitler was the biggest imbecile EVER in their gov't; no one now in ANY gov't comes close. that guy makes Bush look like a humanitarian Einstein; so whether youre nazi or troll, shut up. you almost made me forget about the game; if possible, wouldnt sucking someones soul out be worse for them then ripping their heart? both are about equal i guess, but if somebody ripped my heart and their was a spare one nearby i could just pop that baby in and id be fine; cant do that with a soul can you? aslo, when i was in germany i remember watching naked softball at 2 in the afternoon on normal tv channel. germany is weird with censorship, but still rules.
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OutpostCommand  +   2675d ago
Interestingly, you all fail to put up a constuctive argument.
Why do you hate the Nazis so much ? Is that your own personal hatred or is that what you were taught to feel by this wretched society ? Oh dont pretend to be offended - you know its the truth.
One of the greatest tragedies to ever happen to the world was for the Axis powers to have lost the war.

As for "importing me to Nazi germany", why with pleasure, if you have a decent means of doing so.

Please, dont call me a 'idiot' or a 'troll' just because I share a different ideology than you.
Is a 'troll' wha you would call a communist too just because they think differently ?
Satanas  +   2675d ago
Nazi sympathizer are you? Whatever, not going to pass judgement on you. But I will say there is no need for you to bring such a discussion into a site like this.
i Shank u  +   2671d ago
nazi germany; where to begin.
if you overlook their not having morals, and id take a wild guess that you believe nazi propaganda and your own crap over the hundreds of millions affected by WW2,how could you look up to a regime that had total tactical advantage, domination of France, UK, and USSR, only to blow it! hitler single handedly FUBAR'd the British and Russian campaigns. the final thing i say to you is being a nazi, communist, socialist, democrat, republican, fascist, maoist, etc. pledging allegiance to any idealogy is retarded, all of it. no two people are the same, feel the same, thus making an attempt to make them believe the same, is insane. it only sets up the situation "Im right, youre wrong, and im gonna show you!" and suprise! that situation ends many times with guns and bullets. but you should look up to that shouldnt you.
the only thing idealogy has ever done is given a banner to kill people under.it is unnatural, a human fabrication. i have no ideological delusions; to me being human is most important; nazi, democrat, labour party, communist; they all mean nothing to anyone but their members. maybe if nazism was dedicated to bettering life and all humans, i would respect your allegiance. for now, youre still an idiot.
next time, just comment about the game stupid nazi.
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gunnerforlife  +   2675d ago
so wats up with the ps3 version then?
Ebay3rd  +   2675d ago
Sorry you guys gotta wait on a politically correct game...Seriously I feel your pain....Keep ya heads up..
The Real Joker  +   2675d ago
Whats funny is Germany is very liberal when it comes to sex but video games are scrutinized to the nth degree. If it is an issue of trying to protect childeren from video game violence but on the way to the videogame store the kid passes 3 adult stores...to me its kind of stupid.
sjappie  +   2675d ago
Off course, this kind of censorship is ridiculous,
but sex isn't a bad thing in most cases whereas violence is bad in almost all cases.
dantesparda  +   2675d ago
So you're saying that "sex" is as bad as "violence"? what are you a puritan or something? Everybody wants to fvck, but who wants to be fvcked with? And to the guy who thought that Hilter's regime/party was such a great thing. Of course you think that. If you're a Nazi
macalatus  +   2674d ago
"Whats funny is Germany is very liberal when it comes to sex but video games are scrutinized to the nth degree."

Not just the Germans, bud, but it seems like the whole of Europe. Why the heck with so much fuss with Sony and the whole Church of England thing? 'Coz of the game's association with violence. That's the irony about Americans compared to their European counterparts: Americans are cool with violence (yeah, we love guns alright)but when it comes to "skin", people just go ape$h!t (Hot Coffee controversy, anyone?). In Europe, it's the opposite. Manhunt 2 is just one fine example (why does it always have to Rockstar to show that?).
sfinXters  +   2675d ago
Heil Censorship!
This is really, really, really weak.

What did the kill methods do to them? And what's with the nazi stuff? Does this game have something to do with WW2? I don't recall anything about any swastikas in WW1.
Komrad  +   2675d ago
Wouldn't this bring MORE attention to their 'undesirable' past? Seems silly and frivolous.
LeShin  +   2675d ago
To be honest, I'm not surprised about them wanting to take out all the Nazi references. Imagine a group in your country carried out horrific attacks on a different race/country/religion and then having to be constantly reminded of that fact in every sort of media known to man( films,video games,books).....forever. Some people across the world still think a German and a Nazi is one and the same, silly but true. I do feel for the people over there who never believed that crap, yet still get tarnished with the same brush even to this day.

I'm not sure about the other things they are planning to take out, that seems a bit much. I remember that when they got the original Resident Evil, they had to have green blood in the game instead of red.....go figure.
i Shank u  +   2675d ago
maybe instead of pretending like they never existed, perhaps they could keep them in the game, but force the developers to make them talk like fairies and wear ridiculous shizer and goose step everywhere looking retarded. anyway, banning something can make the banned seem more interesting and popular.
Brainoverflow  +   2675d ago
I will get my copy from austria :P
I m from germany and i dont like this censorship, so i will buy an austrian version in germany. :D BTW, all germans can visit me at www.ps3hacks.de
mcintosh233  +   2675d ago
you know why this is, its cos germany's run by a woman.

and about the whole nazi thing the winners of the war are always gonna brainwash their own people into thinking "enemy evil, us innocent saviors of the world.

ha if hitler had finished the jews then america would have been a different place.

isreal is one evil place, doing the exact same thing as hitler, hell they have kidnapped a whole country since 1967.

jews are the biggest bighead/sly/selfish people in the world but they still get away with everything cos of ww2
i Shank u  +   2671d ago
unlike outpost, who is an idiot nazi, you sir are too retarded to know what nazi is. why did you even comment, just to talk about your skewed view of history? im american and def. do not believe this country is all innocent; all countries do skeevy things. but i would like to know how you support your beliefs outside of using pure retardation. do you know history?
XbugPosse  +   2675d ago
Yep, that buddy up is right, germans can easily buy austrian versions, both are same languages, but austria doesn't have such censorship. Hitler btw was austrian and germans his nazi zombies.
Usa censors sex in games/movies and germany violence, but germany is overdoing. When I was a kid and new to germany, I watched a Van Damme movie I alreday saw before and the freaking german version has cut out like all VD's greatest kicks haha the by that time spectacular VD kicks :) The german version totally ruined the movie, VD would cry a river if he would have seen that haha you barely saw how the fights really ended, they freaking have cut out a knee kick to the chest lol a knee kick to the chest haha
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hikikimori  +   2675d ago
Sucks to be German.
I love the heart devouring! That's the best part of killing someone in this game!
mmmmmmmmm lovely!
mc  +   2674d ago
hey, im against censorship and all, however your antisemitic views are completely ridiculous. what have you got against jewish people. what have they done to you?

i take it your just a stupid bigot then?

"they get away with everything because of world war 2" wtf? aye alot of jewish people were killed and mutilated in concentration camps. ( 6 million or so) i dont think theyre "getting away" with anything really.

you're just a complete inbred tard

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