Two Worlds - Realm of Evil trailer

Reality Pump has released a new trailer of Two Worlds featuring spells and mounted combat.

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Dlacy13g4184d ago

Visually it seems to fall short especially compared to its kindred spirit Oblivion....but gameplay looks pretty darn fun. I just may have to pick this one up. Great...another RPG to suck up my life.

InMyOpinion4184d ago

"The most epic RPG of all time." I liked that statement lol!

FCOLitsjustagame4184d ago

Looks fine, I really wouldn’t expect the greatest looking game ever IF its as massive as they say and hopefully if the framerate is good.

I did notice that the end of the trailer said coming in August 2007. Didn’t the devs throw a fit when someone said it was coming in August and said it would definitely come out before August (which made people say 31 July)? Oh well, I have taken a "I will start thinking about getting it when it actually comes out" stance on this game due to all the delays. It does look like a lot of fun though.

BoneMagnus4184d ago

Unless it is fundamentally broken regarding controls or something. It lokks right up my alley. Though, I have many alleys - I like a lot of genres!

Eclipticus4184d ago

looks pretty kick ass to me.
I didnt see much of a difference in graphics compared to Oblivion, but the fighting looks great. Hopefully the controls are solid.