Toshiba opens up next-gen features for HD DVD

Downloading bonus content from a movie studio, sending clips to other HD DVD players, and voting in interactive polls are all possible with Toshiba's latest update to the HD DVD architecture.

All HD DVD players have an Ethernet port to connect to the Internet, or in the case of the Xbox 360 add-on, it connects to the same Internet connection as the console. Users can now download the latest firmware update, which adds the capability to connect online for additional interactive features.

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Bill Gates4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

This must be the "secret weapon" they spoke of. I believe it's too late. Games are almost here for the PS3, and sales of Blu-ray will only increase when more PS3's are in the publics hands.

@TheMART...Not necessarily true bro, You forget that DVD's were adopted as quickly as they did in large part due to the PS2. I always used my PS2 as a DVD player(specially the 1st year of its life), and I'll be doing the same thing with the PS3. I think a lot of people are in the same boat a me here.

It's the sales of the disks(HD-DVD & Blu-ray) that will determine the winner, not the sales of stand alone players. Things are much different this time around.

TheMART4188d ago

Depends how you see it.

Launch PS3 especially EUrope was succesfull. After that the numbers decreased with an insane speed. The PS3 only moves about 200k a month world wide. On the other hand, those are BluRay players.

You forget one thing. PS3 buyers are mostly gamers, not specific video nutheads. Those that buy a BR/HD-DVD stand alone and buy movies, those are the real deciding ones.

The fact if the movies are sold more and more is more important for profit on the long run.

With these featurues added, HD-DVD suddenly gets a whole new level of usage. I bet this is going to make a difference. Sending clips is like a small Youtube system on your HD-DVD player. Sharing experiences, building community. Sounds interesting.

Satanas4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Mart does have a point. Regardless of that however, sales for BD movies are still higher than HD DVD, so whether it is PS3 owners or just people with Blu-ray players, people are still buying Blu-ray. HD DVD has some strong points but I think its lack of exclusivity is its biggest pitfall, yet on the contrary, its exclusivity with Universal is to its advantage.

Funny how people disagree, but the fact is, HD DVD isn't doing too well. Could change in the future.

Anything but Cute4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Without PS3, I think HD DVD would win this format war. HD DVD's still sell because like The MART said, people who do buy them are fully committed to movies. But These Early adopters of PS3 are probably a bit more aware than the casual crowd would be about the PS3 Blu ray capabilties, so they are putting them to use. How else could you explain blu ray sales increasing ever since PS3 came out?

And YES more PS3 games will probably mean more PS3's sold and more blu ray adopters. To me the only threat from HD DVD is the lower priced players but if Blu ray follows suit and prices of stand alone blu ray players fall also. Well you add this to the PS3 sales, the more Studio support, the blockbuster rentals. I would still say that HD DVD is facing an uphill battle

kewlkat0074188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Thats exactly what I was going to say. Thats exactly how I see it, for some reason HD-DVD have a little "bark" left in them. I always thought HD-DVD was the better format.(because of the features, not the Extra gigs)

It's just so happen, BD, somehow have more support, and the PS3 can only help Sony with this format war, but if MS was to have the HD-DVD drive as a Trojan, just imagine.(Think about it, with a year lead?)

@BILL GATES - To say it's only the sale of the Movies, is ludacris, it's like saying just games alone will help Sony and the $600 PS3, and we know that is not correct.(PRICE MATTERS a lot than you think). If HD- DVD PLAYERS, were $150 at Walmart, this format war would turn so Quickly.

On this article..I think this is NEAT. It's like saying who needs the Extra gigs for Bonus content, you can experience it online, with a few interactive clicks. Anyhow I do not own any HD format. I need a nice tv first. I'll see how this plays out.
+1 bubble up..

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omansteveo4188d ago

Im gettin closer and closer to buying one of these players

Satanas4188d ago

...Not sure why someone disagreed with you, you're simply stating that you're almost finalized on a purchase decision. I just don't get it sometimes...

aaquib24188d ago

I buy movies to watch them, not to do all this garbage. Toshiba just needs to get all the movie studios to win, nothing else. Look at Blu-ray, it's outselling HD-DVD 5-1 because it's movie focused. They're not investing into all these special features and events, they're investing in exclusive movies studios and movies for Blu-ray Disc.

Satanas4188d ago

Toshiba can't control which studios support them.

cdzie14188d ago

I think extra content adds great value to my movie collection. I must have watched the Lord of the Rings documentaries 10 times already.

As a fan of film, any extra content they can feed me is appreciated!

kewlkat0074188d ago

the whole point of the EXTRA gigs of space HD media gives us, is for Studios to take advantage and give us EXTRA interactive and behinds the scenes content.

HD-DVD, or BD will not make movies longer because of the EXTRA GIGS. So how do studios take advantage of these EXTRA gigs of space..well there ya go.

The same way you feel about these little features, is the same way I might feel about the PS3 (HOME) aspect of PSN. "I JUST WANNA PLAY GAMES."

These little features are pretty nifty, well at least not for everyone. but thats why we have EXTRA gigs on these Mediums.

ENNO4188d ago

wow this is great i cant wait to use these on the 360..and for all the blu-gay heads just look at that comment from omanstevo...he is the customer and look what he wants :p blu-ray tought it had it but that little boom of sales is too late HD DVD FTW!!

Satanas4188d ago


*laughs* But you're entitled to your opinion. Although I don't see how one user wanting to buy an HD DVD player really makes a difference to anyone. I'm tipping my hat to Blu-ray and digital distribution (in later years).

Marceles4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

lol...1) you wont get to use these on the 360, 2) who is omanstevo? i know who he is but...really who is he? he's one hd-dvd customer out of how many?

just face it man...all these add-ons that hd-dvd and MS are making are already in Sony's product. maybe not software firmware updates because the 360 is doing a good job with those features, but hardware...nothing but a bunch of power ranger sega cd add-ons

ChefDejon4188d ago

that buy Ps3s are just as important to this war than any other specific video nutheads

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