What's in the Resistance Update? is downloading Map Pack 1 (312 MB) which cost me £2.99.

So we know we will be able to buy Map Pack 1 once the servers are back up again, but what else will be in the big resistance update?

Click the link and check out what he found out, he seems to be doing it right now so this should be a good spot to see how it all goes, before you try it on your PS3.

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Snake_Doctor4186d ago

"Human player models will lip sync with incoming voice chat from that player

If you have a USB keyboard attached to your PS3, holding down the buttons “1” through “0” will change your characters’ facial expression (human models only)

Voice chat from other players will now play through your television speakers by default unless you have a headset plugged in. There is a new option in the “Multiplayer Options” menu from the lobby called “Mute Voice Chat”"
I'm getting ready to snipe on that snow level

cr33ping_death4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

i like the, being banned for a certain time for quitting, they should implement this into GEARS of WAR. i hate quitters

kamakazi4186d ago

i agree quitters suck, they should be banned for a set amount of time.

WoundedMoon4186d ago

I think the 15 min ban is appropriate. In the rare case that someone loses their internet connection, they may very likely be down for 15 mins anyways. I do not support any punishment more severe than this (and I almost would object to this, except after further thought on the matter I've decided it is fair), afterall, you are using a feature provided by the game, and you are using it the way it was intended to be used, there is no EULA violation, why would you be banned? Sounds like grounds to get a 60$ check from Insomniac. Also, this dosn't stop the more damaging method of protesting games, which is to hide in some random corner of the map (preferably a spawn area where you are completely safe); also, quiters aren't likely to care about stats a whole lot, so why not just set the controler down, and walk away?

San anto4185d ago

yeeeeeeeer i got owned by that lmfao...
i hate that 8 player somerset map grrr XD
40 player grimsby ownz

xbotsRidiots4186d ago

this game just got a whole lot better.

Crazyglues4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I just Did the update and now Online is not working at all, ***UPDATE***

works fine now - seems it was just a server problem on Resistance side.. but works fine now...

$7.99 for new maps just sounds crazy to me, I won't be getting that but the update did fix a lot of bugs... Plays nice and smooth.

fenderputty4186d ago

I've downloaded the update and now the servers aren't connecting. I'm assuming they're working on stuff. I haven't seen the map packs in the US store yet either.

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The story is too old to be commented.