PS3Hype: Heavy Rain Review

To me the honor of the review for Heavy Rain to write, though this is a very difficult task. Heavy Rain leg you're not out on a few pages, even in a whole book. Heavy Rain you need to experience to experience how bold this game is. Moreover, I have a huge hate when in a review all parts of a game are verklapt, so do I myself do not. Do not worry: this review is essentially 'spoiler free'.

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cloudyheaven2401d ago

this is a very good game, everyone who liked the movies SAW and Se7en should play it. And a great review as well... i totally agree ;)

nix2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

it's a great game. looks like i need to use iPad to block all this jeez.. too many fantastic games coming out! lol.

samich20072401d ago

Oné of the best PS3 games out here! It does something new you know... :)