WipEout Pulse preview, gameplay video and images

Wipeout Pulse is the sequel to the million selling Wipeout Pure, which to this day remains one of the finest games available on PSP. Pulse doesn't tamper much with the formula set down by its predecessor, but thanks to some welcome fine-tuning in the controls, the game feels just a bit less floaty than before. Negotiating tight corners with air brakes doesn't result in a complete loss of speed as it did in Pure, so it's entirely possible to navigate corners at far higher speeds. And when you use your weapons against other racers, they tend to float to the sides of the track instead of blocking your way, so you maintain your racing flow.

For more images see the link below the embedded video.

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Ebay3rd4185d ago

I have pure and its a good game and the improvements mentioned are only gonna make pulse more fun to play...

IBLEEDBLU4185d ago

on the PS1 - cant wait for wipeout PS3!

very fun game

LeShin4185d ago

Damn, need to finish Pure properly before this comes out, still stuck on that bloody Phantom League :)

Omegasyde4185d ago

Same here! Man, Wipeout is difficult. Can't wait for a next gen version.