Transformers: The Game PSP review

With so many ports filling its library, you couldn't be blamed for expecting your PlayStation Portable to magically transform into a PlayStation 2 upon powering it up.

The good news, then, is that Transformers: The Game isn't a dumbed-down port of its console cousin. The bad news is sadly this doesn't prevent it from being a substandard game.

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djt234184d ago

the psp ver suck, you should buy the ds ver. i am tell your the ture
it was better that psp,wii,xbox 360,ps2,ps3 sorry for fanboy

i know it is movie game and most of then suck i know dont bi*** about it

KoolMan4183d ago

look good for a movie game, not like the first one for ps2 which sucks

akaFullMetal4181d ago

i actually liked the one on the ps2 and alot people did too