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IGN writes:

"It's all about the details. At least, that's what separates a good baseball game from a great one for me. You can have solid gameplay and cool features, but if it doesn't have the look and feel of a real baseball game, it hasn't done its job. MLB '10: The Show gets many of the details right to the point that this is easily the most realistic console baseball game I've ever played."

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iPad3208d ago

8.9? Seriously?

This game is 9.5 in my eyes.

Jamegohanssj53208d ago

Damnit I was hoping this year it would finally get a 9.0


-Alpha3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Last year's title did too. Also, it's an annual sports game. It's hard to manage constant AAA status when they don't evolve much, and seeing as the formula is pretty much the same, it's safe to see why it got an 8.9

And come on, it's an 8.9, let's not get greedy.

MLB 10 is really the most overlooked PS3 exclusive/(Or Playstation game) IMO. Gets great reviews but it gets overshadowed.

randomwiz3208d ago

Its a 10/10 best in class game but 9.0 as a game overall imo

Saaking3208d ago

Great score. Though people, don't call it a PS3 exclusive. We've been trying to get through to the 360 fanboys about the whole Microsoft exclusive thing. Let's not do that ourselves.

Bnet3433208d ago

Will this one finally win Sports GOTY since 09 didn't and it should of in my eyes.

Lifendz3208d ago

Why let a .01 hold a game back from AAA? Starting to respect the GameSpot model more and more.

Oh yeah, this is what a game is supposed to be if you're going to label it "definitive."

deadreckoning6663208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

"MLB 10 is really the most overlooked PS3 exclusive/(Or Playstation game) IMO. Gets great reviews but it gets overshadowed."

It gets overlooked cause baseball is boring(my opinion). Could score an 11 for all I care, I still wouldn't get it. Great reviews don't automatically equal MUST BUY. The buyer has to like the genre beforehand and baseball is a dull sport for me. The only sports game I'm looking forward to is EA MMA.

Edit: @At guys complaining about an 8.9 score- Really?

Greywulf3208d ago

"Sorry it's late. Plan was to post Tuesday morning. Blame PS3 being down for a day.
Sorry it's late. Plan was to post Tuesday morning. Blame PS3 being down for a day....
Posted by: Hil-IGN on March 03, 2010 15:32 PDT"

Getting old.

smittyjerkins3208d ago

Good review, but I still don't understand the 0.1 scale on a rating system. I mean realistically, what the hell is the difference between an 8.9 and a 9.0?

ForROME3208d ago

8.9 is such a $hitty way of them saying its not an A title but we dont want to make people mad, its a 9.5 at the least.

Microsoft Xbox 3603208d ago

score doesn't matter. The Show is the only worthy baseball game.

TheBlackSmoke3208d ago

"MLB '10: The Show gets many of the details right to the point that this is easily the most realistic console baseball game I've ever played."

So basically they achieved what they set out to do so why a 8.9? If they just made the best game in the genre ever than it should get at least a 9.5 right?


kissmeimgreek3208d ago

saaking only got 1 bubble! i finally dont have to listen to his "trying to be subtle but not really" fanboy comments.

OT. Compared to the competition id give it a 10/10. The show has always been an odd franchise to me since its a sports game exclusive... nothing wrong with that its just that you dont see many of those.

Dillinger3208d ago

So because you find it boring thats the reason it is overshadowed (in your opinion)? So you speak for millions of baseball fans around the world? Americas National Pastime! I understand what your trying to say as it is your opinion but i believe it is overshadowed just like some PS3 games are that deserve more recognition. Uncharted 1, Heavy Rain, and INfamous just to name a few.

nix3208d ago

ha ha... i hope you're enjoying Bungie/green and others' comments.. they are so subtle... i once thought they were on PS3 side! NOT!

Sarcasm3207d ago

I honestly don't understand IGN's stupid idea of what's the difference between a 9 and an 8.9

They should do away with the .1 scale and just do 1-10, or at least .5 increments.

cyborg69713207d ago

Best sports game out there. Go twins.

nycredude3207d ago

These crappy ign and gametrailers reviews that ends up at 8.8 and 8.9 is BS. Just give it a 9 already and call it a day. I think even a 9 is too low for the show. THe best sports game EVER.

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Mamajuana3208d ago

I agree. The game is outstanding. I think they did fix the lag issues that were prevalent in previous iterations. I've played a few games online so far smooth sailing. I'm contemplating in RTTS if I should first do a pitcher, catcher, or first baseman.

swiftshot933208d ago

I dont care about baseball but holy crap the graphics for this game are amazing.

spunnups3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I think you have to put MLB:The Show as top 5 best graphics on a console and probably the best Animations there are (Uncharted 2 is right there)

Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, GoW 3, Ratchet and Clank (either game), and MLB:The Show 10. (GT5 in the future)

If you don't believe me, play it for yourself or watch a few gameplay videos or what you see on Justin.TV.

The animations are unbelievable and if you played it in your living room and one of your family members happens to stroll by, I bet they would think it was an actual Baseball Game. Everything down to the minor detail.

The only knock people have on it now is that it's a baseball game (nothing wrong with that). People used to say the online but after what I saw last night, the online is silky smooth with no lag whatsoever. I'm buying it as my next purchase after GoW3 and plan on putting in some serious time online.

PSN:spunnups if you want to add me

spunnups3208d ago

I'd also like to point out that MLB 2K 10 received a 7.0. Another example of why a PS3 exclusive done by a Sony 1st Party Studios will always blow a Multiplat (doesn't matter who develops it) out of the water. Not because the developer isn't entirely capable, but it spearheads the problem with being limited to DVD.

Sarcasm3207d ago

And before any morons jump in "but but but Gameplay > Graphics" they need to realize that The Show delivers the gameplay AND the graphics. If anything, the gameplay severely outweighs the graphics.

disturbing_flame3208d ago

Maybe the best baseball simulation of all time.
Until next years, with MLB 11 The Show.

JonnyBigBoss3208d ago

Not a fan of baseball, but I loved The Show 09. This game looks great...

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