GTA IV trailer dissected

The biggest question here is, how much of the trailer is taken from actual gameplay, and how much is just a cutscene? Gamers know that it's all happening in-game - Rockstar's confirmed as much - but some of these things will be interactive, and others won't. Niko's shown hanging onto a moving vehicle for dear life twice, for example, leads Games Radar to conclude that grabbing onto trucks and choppers might somehow factor into gameplay. It's not a completely ridiculous assumption; if Niko can scale telephone poles and automatically clamber over low obstacles, it's not too much of a stretch to think that he'd be able to leap onto passing cars and trucks, grab on and maybe even jack them while they're moving.

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Ebay3rd4162d ago

To jack a moving vehicle is gonna be hot hope its possible...

Hydrolex4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Good !

MK_Red4162d ago

Does anyone think the graphics in this trailer look a bit weaker than first one ("Things will be different" trailer). And the frame rate, I know its work-in-progree but for a game thats coming out in less than 6 months, its rather low. This trailer has less secrets I believe since what most of the site analysises dont have surprises and small unnoticed facts. Hope they put much more hidden clues in Trailer 3.

power of Green 4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Sence when do Sony fanboys care whats gameplay or Cutscene?. I dont think the graphics are sh*ttier i think the quality of the new vid is choppier and isn't running as smooth or it could be the game itself not running good. I watched one after the other its clear some of the first vid was cutscene or altered and jazzed up for make first vid.

tethered4162d ago

""Sence when do Sony fanboys care whats gameplay or Cutscene?""

Good point.

I really don't care about the graphics. If the 360 has better graphics (and it might), I'm ok with that. I really want that fun gameplay to return. I'm not sold on it yet. It looks good and you have to remember that this is not a finished product, but no matter how good it looks, it has to have the fun gameplay that GTA is known for. I'm afraid R* might be getting too serious.

Just my opinion.

crck4162d ago

No way cutscenes would be that ugly.

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